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I personally use Lacoste deodorant. After years of trying the other stuff, I find this to work best for me. It lasts all day and doesn't leave stains on my shirts. I think they key to its effectiveness is its lightness, which lets my pits breath, unlike the other supermarket varieties.
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One of my best friends sweats profusely, without even moving or anything, he just sweats, just in his DNA. Recently he started getting Botox injections in his pits (covered by his insurance I think) and he no longer sweats. True story.
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here's a great 'natural' deodorant that i use...

the only one i'm aware of that has antiperspirant properties
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I'm using Sharps, pit guard, and like it very much. No aluminum, goes on dry, and no scent. I think it provides only light protection, which is fine for me because I don't need much.
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old spice red zone, the best man. get the long lasting one, it lasts a long time, and i hardly sweat under the armpits
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