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Quality polo shirts without logos

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I'm looking for a nice youthful fit, but since no company is paying me to advertise their wears, I do not wish to display logos like an animated billboard. I find it most gaudy. Surely these reputable manufacturers would be content to give their stamp on the tags? I'll leave the logos to the sportswear enthusiasts, thanks.

So what can be recommended?
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Uniqlo-only like $15.00 very good quality
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Cafe Coton, John Smedley, Gap
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Van Laack usually does their shirts quietly where logos are concerned
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Tom Ford
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landsend, LLBean
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Ah. Thanks for all the recommendations.

Has anyone any experience of Uniqlo's jumpers (sweaters)? They are quite cheap for merino wool and I'm wary to see if they'd be any good at that price point and if not, what might be.
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Three more questions
1. Can someone tell me about the fit of LandsEnd polos? Should I size down to a small? I am a 38.
2. Does anyone know where Landsend polo shirts are made?
3. Can someone direct me to a web site that sells those Coton polos in English?

Thanks ever so much.
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+1 on John Smedley. also, Zanone and Sunspel i assume by "youthful" fit you mean slim fitting, btw.
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does MTM ones for $25. I suggested this to someone else and they didn't like pique, but i don't mind it.

I go to the Warehouse (our equivalent of walmart), get a no name brand for $10, sized down, and then get a tailor to shorten and narrow the sleeves to hit mid-bicep. Makes a world of difference.
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Originally Posted by darnelled View Post
landsend, LLBean

Both offer quality at a very low price, compared to Lacoste,
for example.
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Ten-fifteen years ago the best cotton polos I bought were from
Thomas Pink (of all places). I have several that are still wearable.
And in California we can wear polos through the year. The line
was discontinued and not available in the US as far as I know.
Perhaps it has been revived in the UK?
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That Tailorstore looks fabulous, I might have a go at that. Does anyone know if their "Horn" buttons are real horn, because unlike the MOP ones they do not charge extra for them? If not then I shall get MOP.
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BareSolid – I don't have info on Uniqlo's merino sweaters, but have a few of their cashmere/cotton versions from the year before last – all have held up well with no signs of wearing, bobbling etc. Each winter when their knitwear range comes out, it sells out pretty fast and I'm fairly sure is unbeatable – at that price point – for quality.
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Argh, why does TailorStore not make long sleeve polos?
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