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Singapore Bespoke suits

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I've lived in Singapore for a couple years and haven't really come across any decent tailors for suits.. Fair enough there are those at Orchard Towers, Far East Plaza, Far East Shopping Etc, but i've always been a little sketchy on the quality vs. pricing of those places.

Just came across a place today called Bawkers near my office and they claim to be the only bespoke tailor in Singapore (or so they claim).. unfortunately it was closed when i went by.

Has anyone by chance had experience with Bawkers?? website looks informative, and i've always hoped for a Chan comparable here...
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another member of the south east asia contingent never heard of Bawkers, so if you test drive them, do post results.
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there was a thread over at aaac's... here's a cut-n-paste:

Go to the intersection of Patterson and Orchard. That is where the Marriott hotel is located. Walk north up Patterson a few meters and you will see the Far East shopping plaza. There are several tailor shops inside that will make bespoke suits for you. The vendors are agressive, so watch out. However, they will educate you. You should get at least three fittings.

My suggestion after you visit the several shops, is to go up to the top floor. Check out the shop way in the back over on the right [as you face the building]. The guy there is a no-hassle type guy, and the bespoke suits on display look good. Ensure you specify no glue and completely hand sewn.

I have used Joe's at the former IBM Towers (now known as Fuji Xerox Towers). Good work if you know what you want. Trustworthy styling if you want to follow the fashion crowd, but if you want to be elegantly dressed, you will need to know what you want. Willing to listen and work with you.

I think you had meant to say "Golden Shoe (Market)". The only tailor there was "Just Tailor", which had temporarily closed for renovations 2 months ago. It was owned by the guy who also owns "Joe's Tailoring" at Fuji Zerox Towers. They do have some skilful craftmen but as pchong mentioned above, you will need to tell them what you want (not that they will not advise you if you ask). Request for more handiwork and you will get them. They also have an extensive range of high quality suiting fabrics and shirtings. Quite a "high-end" establishment by local standards and a lot of their clients (expatriates and locals alike) are/were from the financial district.

There is another well-known tailoring establishment called "Anson Tailor". "Anson tailor" has 2 branches - one in the second floor of "Republic Plaza" and the other in the basement of "Hong Leong Building" - in the financial district. The owners (2 brothers, each run a branch) do a lot of their own cutting and seem quite knowledgeable. I have not used them before but have heard some good things about them. By way of their locations, they are definitely not tourist traps and people who find their way there either work in the financial district or have been recommended by people who do. Also quite a "high-end" shop by local standards.

Also, there may be some confusion about "Far East Shopping Centre" and "Far East Plaza". These two buildings are within about 10-15 minutes' walking distance of each other and both are home to quite a few tailors.

"Far East Plaza" is a lot bigger and has many other retail shops and fast-food outlets. The tailors there usually more aggressive. As it is a large (but past-its-prime) shopping mall, I would imagine a lot of their clients are walk-in tourists. "Kingsmen" (mentioned above) - quite a well-known establishment which has been around for a long time - is located at "Far East Plaza".

"Far East Shopping Centre" (next to "Borders" bookstore) is a much quieter and smaller building. There are quite a few tailor shops there and they are less aggressive.

had a couple of shirts made at an establishment in far east plaza couple of years back... from "jack's" on the 2nd level i believe. apparently this establishment (and i assume the rest of the lot) has a good variety of fabrics to choose from, and they have their own set of repeat customers, as the proprietor was telling me. quality is on the average, though they are more expensive than the ones in hongkong. but for suits, i think i'd avoid far east altogether.
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I second Xarope's comments. I used to live in Singapore, but am now based in Hong Kong. I have not found an equivalent of Chan in Singapore in terms of tradition and tailoring skills. However, the service attitude at Joe's is very good, but you have to know what you want.
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Thanks for the suggestions all. I think i may take a leap of faith and try out Bawkers.. Will send in a report if I do.
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I have only tried Anson, and found the price to be reasonable for what they produce.

I have made shirts, pants, suits from them and are pretty happy with the advice. Although the suits is abit too structured for my taste.

On Bawkers, from their website, it seems to be pretty promising. If you decide to try them, do let us know how you find them.

Welcome to Singapore.
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I went for a visit today at Bawkers to get an idea of cloths and craftsmanship. I was shown a sample of suit jacket done, pretty decent i must say.. fully canvassed and the works.. They have a decent sized Holland and Sherry and Zegna book... I plan to get a 2pc suit using VBC Revenge 130s, and that came up to around SGD$1,250 (US$780), VBC 120s came up to about US600... some nice cashmeres too... Their main shop in India has apparantly been around for 100 years and they do fittings in the UK and US.. the main guy there seems to know what he's talking about. My initial feelings about the place are good and i'm going to jump in later this month or next ... lets see how it compares to Chan.
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Any results? Those prices posted are roughly what Chan HK charges, right?
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I'm going to be there for a couple months starting Monday and may check them out (with MyView 02?). Are you expecting to visit sometime soon?

The prices posted are about 25% less than Chan.
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Sorry guys, been on the road for a week or two so haven't been into the shop.. hopefully will check it out soon since its right across the street from the office. There are two main guys there but Unaiz seems to be the one who knows his stuff..
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Whoopee, any recommendations on Singapore tailors?
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I just met with two local members, My View02 and pchong, today who both have experience with Joe's and hopefully can add their first-hand accounts. From what they told me, they aren't as good as Chan but decent. They are apparently capable of putting in extensive amounts of handwork. Not sure on pricing.
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A quick question, aside from feedback on Joe's and Bawker's.

Do tailors in Singapore allow fittings late, after business? Considering stores are usually open till midnight?
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I have used Joe's and WW Chan. If I were you I would go to Chan in terms of fit and refinement. They win hands down.
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Quick question: How much might a Singapore tailor charge for just labor?

Someone gave me a ballpark of $400-500 for a two-piece suit.

Since I need a blazer and suit done, that runs to almost $1,000 and I don't think that's feasible for me at present (guess it's time to say, later in the career). Might anyone be able to confirm this figure? Thanks.
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