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Any NY members going to 'The Sartorialist Shoots You' thing? - Page 3

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We look forward to it, Scott!
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Looking forward to seeing the pics on your blog. It'll be interesting to see your range of readers. Sorry I can't make it myself.
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Originally Posted by The Sartorialist
I have to start thinking things out more before I post them on my blog

I'm excited and nervous about shooting Saturday but i think that could help make for some really fun shots

I think capturing people as they show up or putting together interesting people combos like Punk girl/Trad guy (don't forget almost half my audience is female) could be cool or just shooting elements of what people are wearing - I dont know but that will be part of the fun

either it will be completely great or horrible, oh crap what have I gotten myself into!!

I think the best thing that could happen would be if it got way big and the cops haul me away for an unlawfully Sartorial gathering

please keep your fingers crossed for me
Good luck with this project.

As you may know, Kenneth Cole made his debut by getting a permit to "shoot a movie" on the NYC streets. Apparently it is impossible to get a permit to just "use space", so instead, he made his first sample sale of women's shoes into a documentary, and got a permit to park a 40' trailer and make a huge ruckus.

It's probably too late to get such a permit, but maybe you can bring that up with any cops that show up. Be sure to get someone with a pro-looking video camera, etc.
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Totally. See y'all there.
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so, who went?
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I wish I could have gone...often when I step out and feel well dressed I long for the big S to pop up and ask to take my picture. Needless to say, this has not happened. And this weekend I was out of town.

Ah well.

Can't wait to see the pix, though.

Though some here suspect that the people who show will by arrogant and irritating, I bet they won't be. This is because of my impression of the Sartorialist's blog's.....ambience, I guess. He and his subjects seem to share something beyond an appreciation of dressing well. Each, picture taker and photo subject, is very generous with the other. So the people look their best. I suspect this ambiance will somehow filter out the nasty people. Even if it doesn't, it's a great experiment.
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Anybody go?
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