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Y-3 Sneakers

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Hey guys,

I'm interested in a pair of Y-3 sneakers that were featured (possibly?) some time ago in an issue of GQ. They were a beautiful red and had velcro straps. I have three questions:

1) Would someone know where to get, specifically, this pair of sneakers?

2) Would anyone know anywhere online that may have them, or carries Y-3 period?

3) Is anybody familiar with the make of Y-3's sneakers? I'm a quality whore so this is the most important aspect in my mind. Are they well made?


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1) No idea. Best bet is probably eBay at this point, since you basically said that it's an older issue of the magazine. You could try calling stores that stock Y-3, or better yet, call a Y-3 store (there's one in San Francisco and I believe New York). 2) carries Y-3, and there is some stuff on Yoox occasionally. 3) I don't know who makes them, as sneakers are generally hard to track down (unlike dress shoes, where the maker is obvious). That said, every Y-3 sneaker I've seen has been top notch quality.
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They sell some Y-3 stuff through THey currently have the Y-3 New Court Japan model, which is similar to what you describe. They don't have stock info on the site, but they're $260; call 415-923-9300.

Like this, but in red?
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Yes! (Looks infinitely better in red, by the way.) Thanks for the help guys. I'm incompetent. *EDIT*: Ha, I went to Y3 via Harputs and the very first shoe for sale in the men's section lineup is the one I wanted. My God you guys are good. These shall be mine Friday. Many, many thinks. (Again and again.)
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