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Men's shop with Italian slant in NYC

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I have just returned from Milan a weeks ago where I visited the Boggi shops and bought trousers in every color of the rainbow. So fun! They had great jackets, sweaters, etc. I am looking for similar shops here in the City to add shirts and sports jackets and thought you all might have some thoughts. I like Eredi Pisano here, but until sale time they things are a little pricey for what they are. I like Kabay down in SoHo too, but surely there must be more. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. DD
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Vena... Venan... Venanzia? I'm screwing that up, but it's similar. Vacca, Borelli, and the department stores. Santoni for shoes.
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Think it's Venanzi. West 56th between 5th and 6th.

Bergdorf Goodman carries a lot of beautiful Italian-made items. Some of the brands include Kiton, Borrelli, Brioni, Loro Piana, Brunello Cucinelli, Avon Celli, and many others. I think all or virtually all of its private label merchandise is made in Italy.

Domenico Vacca is another option.
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Peter Elliott, too.
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Thanks, I was racing to get out of the office before and neglected to include in my note the most important part of what I'm looking for. Vacca is amazing, Borrelli too. They are both just blocks from my house and I gaze longingly in their windows. (By the way, thanks Sartorialist for taking snaps of both of those store's interiors. They were brilliant, as is your blog!) They are both too pricey for me alas. What was great about the Boggi shops was that they offered great style at an entry level price point. I bought 5 pairs of cotton trousers and 3 coton sweaters for about $600.00US. Somebody mentioned Bergdorf Goodman and again they have great things, but the sports jackets are usually around $1000.00 and I just wish there was a place where they were a bit less, but still just as stylish. I haven't been to Peter Elliot in ages. I always thought of that shop as very preppy, is it still?
Thanks again. DD
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Two that spring to mind:

- British American House: A misnomer and more than a bit ironic. They are a good source of Canali and stock a decent selection of Cucinelli, or at least they did in the past.

- Davide Cenci : I recommend avoiding the house label shirts, however, everything else is of good to very good quality.
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