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Does anyone actually pay full price for neck ties? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by luftvier View Post
Likely because some find them somewhat garish and kitchy - as if the only point they are favored is to say "Look, I have a Hérmes tie." While some enjoy Hérmes, I find their tie patterns to be the men's equivalent of Louis Vuitton logo purses. But this is the opinion of a man who cannot afford Hérmes ties, so take it as jealousy, if you will.
If you're going to take the time to accent "Hermès," you might as well use the right kind of accent and put it on the right syllable.
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I wouldn't say Hermes is as bad as LV bags on women. They're certainly not the best ties a man can own, and certainly also not favored on this forum, yet they have a few good designs from time to time and the quality is very good....not up to Drake's quality, but I'd say it's better than most store brands. It's not Charvet, Cappelli, Drake's, but it's also better than, say, Brooks Brothers, Zegna. And the patterns/looks of the tie are much more conservative than most of the very shiny and satin-y ties one finds these days at a high end department store like BG or Saks. I know these places aren't themselves held in very high regard on this forum, but you get my point. What's more, walking around any financial center in the US (NYC, SF), Hermes ties are de rigueur for well-heeled men. So while I totally agree that they're the Platonic form of the necktie, Hermes is pretty good (I'm of course excluding anything they make with an obvious "H" on it). Finally, Hermes has made a few ties over the years (read: maybe 3 in the last 6 years) which are completely tasteful and quite beautiful -- simple stripes or dots -- which if I were to post here without showing the label most members would "ooohh" and "aaaah" at.
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I've got a couple Hermes and think their patterns inject some well-needed whimsy into more conservative ensembles. EDIT: But I didn't pay full price.
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And to the real topic of this thread (and not the Hermes side topic):

Pay what you want for the ties you like. I don't buy any tie with which I'm not absolutely in love. Every one of the ties I've bought in the last, say, decade is a tie I would where literally every day if it weren't for the fact that (1) I have many other ties about which I feel the same, so I work them into my rotation and (2) people would look at me weirdly if I did.

Also note that if I buy a simple staple rep tie from J.Press at full price, it is 50% cheaper than buying a Charvet tie at 20% off. So I'm not sure that the discount really is the right way to look at this. What's important is how ties look on the wearer, not how much they cost, or even how fine the quality is (SHOCK!)

As Foof has demonstrated on his blog, a $50 tie from Press looks fantastic. At the same time, I find ties which I think are horrendously ugly at all price points -- from the $12 ties at discount stores to $200+ Brioni and Kiton ties I see. FWIW, the most consistently gorgeous ties I've seen which are also conservative come from makers like Marinella, Cappelli, and Press. Simple, understated, classic, not attention-grabbing. Drake's is also great, but there's wider variability there (sometimes they have really ugly ties, especially the ones made for Barneys).

I also like many of the ties sold online (made in NY) by Mountain & Sackett.
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I used to... but I have so many ties now, I can't see myself buying another one for many, many years.
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I do because of my height and select preferences.
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i used to pay full price for cheaper ties, but after browsing this forum im gonna go out and get some better ones on sale
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I have never paid full price for a necktie lol.
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I don't because I get an employee discount.
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Almost always - and why not?

Ties are relatively inexpensive, so if I see one I like I don't see the point in waiting for it to turn up on deal. Would rather buy only a dozen or so ties per year that I really want, from decent manufacturers such as Drakes (wearing a lovely navy cashmere one today), Charvet and Rubinacci.

That said - I did pick up a few nice Drake-made woven silks and some knitteds on discount at the Connolly closing down sale the other week, and I was very happy with them. Typically, however, I find that the ties that are being discounted are discounted for a reason: no one was willing to buy them at full price
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Like everything in my closet, it depends. If I see the perfect tie at a place such as Bergdorf Goodman or Sid Mashburn (when I am in Atlanta), I will buy it for full price. If I see some nice ties that I like, but don't feel I need right away, I'll wait for a sale. This works well at Ralph Lauren, for example, where things can be had for half off or less. I have also found ties at Filenes Basement and other cut rate places, but you have to sort through a lot of junk.
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Yes. I have a couple of Drakes ties I've paid full whack for, as well as a few more I've found in sales. They're not outrageously expensive, and the classic/boring colours and patterns I prefer don't end up discounted very often.
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Originally Posted by malefic View Post
If you're going to take the time to accent "Hermès," you might as well use the right kind of accent and put it on the right syllable.
French is a language that I intentionally bastardize.
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Only from Carlo Franco.

Apparently there's a really long waiting list, too. But I'm sure it will be worth it.
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Yes; I have most of my ties made now, so there really isn't the option of a discount.
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