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Brown briefcase with black shoes?

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I am in the market for a formal briefcase, maybe from Papworth or Swaine Adeney. I think that tan is the most handsome of the choices, but as I am in a very conservative industry, I assume that I am limited to either Havana or black. While I would prefer Havana to black, I only have and wear black shoes. Would you say that brown briefcase with black shoes combination EVERYDAY is not recommended? Also, your opinions on nickel instead of brass hardware? Thank you!
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Generally, no. Want a clean frame/border to your outfit. Similar color throughout.
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I prefer brown or cordovan briefcases, not black even though I wear black shoes more than any other color.
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Get yourself some quality dark brown shoes at the same time as your briefcase. Conundrum solved.

But also - don't think you have to matchy-matchy all the time; cordovan or espresso brown will look fine with black shoes in most situations.
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If you have brown eyes, get black contacts.

- B
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I have two cases from Swaine Adeney -- one black and one havana brown. I prefer the havana. I match my belts and shoes but not my briefcase.
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Alas, I plan to have only one case for the next many years at least. The consensus seems to be that matching briefcase to one's shoes is not entirely necessary?
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Your briefcase should speak for itself.
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No need to match the bag with shoes. They shouldn't clash of course. Pics of the bag options would help, as it is harder to discuss these issues in the abstract.
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Women don't even seem to worry about matching their shoes and purses anymore, why should we?
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You shouldn't match at all. If I had my preference I would get London Tan for all my accessories, even though none of my shoes are London Tan
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I try to avoid matching even though I have shoes in the same color as some of my cases.
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Revisiting my old posts. I ended up getting a Tumi briefcase, called "Organizer Portfolio Alpha". A nice English-made leather briefcase would have been too much of an aberration in my office, especially for a junior employee. I'm very happy with the Tumi because it is a perfect size and has withstood quite an amount of abuse in good fashion. I decided to get Tumi's slimmest briefcase without padding for computers, and I'm happy with that decision since I now carry either tablet computers or slim ultrabooks. Cheers!
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