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Overall looks

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Hi, first post

Just looking for some tips on:

Face vs hairstyle, skin, etc

Overall style................."vibe"

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Well, you're not ugly.
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Growing your hair will compliment you better and give you many style options.
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Don't cut the sides and back shorter than the top especially at that length. I really dislike that.
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Grow your hair for fucks sake.
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Anyone mention growing your hair?
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+1. It would look a lot better.
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Thanks, any suggestions on how to cut it?
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Originally Posted by Jinan View Post
Thanks, any suggestions on how to cut it?

Grow it, then think about cutting it.
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Well what type of hair do you have, straight, curly, thick or thin?
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Losing some weight (like 10-15 lbs) would give you a stronger jawline. But not too much, may exaggerate wrinkles.
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Very much a "bloke," although the username and non-English text in the background suggest you're an average guy from somewhere else. Hair would enhance individuality. The blue is a good choice (brings out the eyes). With the black shirt and the buzzed scalp, you look a little rough. Other than the pimple, skin condition is hard to judge, especially without knowing your age.
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