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To be honest I really like them. I would definitely consider them as a next pair of jeans. It's a pretty classy take on the skinny-leg trend.
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totally Brian. legs arent skin tight, the denim felt nice, and I liked the contrast stitching and extra tall belt loops. I'm def gonna re-check em out this weekend as well.
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I really like the fit of these but I'm already working on some Nudies. Can anyone recommend me a pair of jeans that fits like these, but in some nice washes?
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It seems Earnest Sewn Fultons would provide a similar low rise, slim sraight leg fit.
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Is there a difference between these stacked skinny jeans and the Capital E rigid strummer jeans? According to the website, they are both apparently low-rise, straight leg, skinny jeans.
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I've never seen the "rigid" Strummers, just the older "Premium" 2% stretch Strummers which have a uniformly dark 'oil' wash. If I remember right, the fit is pretty similar but I havent seen the 'rigid' to compare side by side. Aesthetically, I know the skinnies have 2 color yellow/orange hi-contrast stitching where Strummer is monochrome in its detailing

I went and picked up the Capital E skinnies last nite and the inseam does measure 36 on a 32 length so I'm assuming that all the inseams are 4" longer than tagged. These might be perfect for those guys who complain they can't get a 36+ inseam on straight jeans, as a 34 inseam should be around 38".
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I couldn't find the stacked skinny's at the Union Square Levi's store. How odd. I did find about 6 pairs of Capital E's that didn't have a model name, nor could someone who worked there tell me what it was.
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I think the main difference between the Stacked Skinny and the Strummers is the length.
I picked up a pair of Capital E Strummers in the "rigid" a week ago, and the 34 length is actually just under 35". So if the 34 length Skinnies measure around 38", there's your difference.
The new Capital E Strummers have the same raw denim & yellow/orange hi-contrast stitching as the Stacked Skinny. I'll try and get some pics up soon.
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I thought I tried them on today, but now I think I've changed my mind. They were labeled Cap E Strummers, but seemed longer than the normal Strummers they had there. The price of $138 made me think they were just the Stacked jean, but then I got home and saw that there was a Cap E Strummer, also $138.

Anywho, they didn't fit all that great. Kinda dumpy in the thighs and ass. I tried on two pairs of regular strummers, in 28x32 (I'm like a 29.5 or 30 waist). One pair fit okay in the waist, but was too short. The other was long enough, but too tight in the hips(the seam that connects the waistband to the pants dug into me pretty good). I'm thinking the one that fit alright was a stretch model.

Both of them, however, look great on me. So, is the Stacked jean going to be slimmer than the strummer? Since it's rigid, could I go with the 28x32 and just stretch out the hips (I have a brutal stretching method involving my weight bench)? I think a 29 would be perfect for me .
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Here are some pics of the Strummer that I was talking about (going to have to return them, that seam has NO give). I love the fit, especially for such a cheap jean ($35)!

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They're down to $100, but there's no waist sizes under 30.
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I have a pair of stacked Skinny's and they are the best money i ever spent. Id kill for an opportunity to buy a few more pairs
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Actually, it's kind of interesting to see what people were talking about four years ago.
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Is it just me? They don't look any better than a commonplace Levi's 511.
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