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Hair Product

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So, my hair is naturally flat and thin as can be. What do you guys recommend to add some texture/flair to it? Not gel; just something that will make a little disheavled and malleable.
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I had the same issues, really flat hair. I got advised this wax/clay, it's called "Bedhead For Men" It works really well, until it gets wet that is. So, if you're going through rain, might want to take it with you for a wee spruce up when you're dry
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Originally Posted by Crakaveli View Post

I have visited this link..
Its amazing...
Thanks for sharing it..
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Take a small amount into the palms of your hands and rub them together. Next run your hands through your hair (damp but not wet) and 'ply'.
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I have used "Bedhead For Men" and i liked it very much.
I can only recommend.
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This is all I use.

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Gatsby - Spiky Edge. Best hair product I've ever used.
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