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Button Stance Tailoring

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Is it possible to convert a 2-button sportcoat with a low button stance into a 3-button jacket? The tailor would have to re-do the lapel for that. Possible? Economical?
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If you want the lapel to roll to the new top button, the collar needs to be longer. As you roll the lapel higher to where the third button would be, the angle of the gorge changes and the collar will have to be refitted. The edge of the lapel edge starts to curve just above the waist button and this would have to be made straight to the new top button and then reshaped into the lapel. The new buttonhole would look different than the existing holes and so you would want to remake all 3. Would it look as if it had been altered? Is it worth it? Is your tailor skilled enough? Who knows.
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Related question to the OP's, and would also like to hear some thoughts on pricing.

I bought a wardrobe of suits in my post-college days that I'm now hoping to resurrect, after a few years back in school. A couple of them still fit, a couple will have to be jettisoned (either here or on Ebay), and a couple might still be able to work with some modifications.
One is a canvassed two-button dual-vent Paul Stuart suit which still fits me pretty well in the shoulders (trousers as well), and it's a solid navy, so it should be a staple.
Maybe my eye has changed, or maybe it's fashion, but in putting it on now, the button stance seems low (almost at the waist), and the lapels a bit wide. Is it possible to move the button stance up, and how much would this cost? How about re-pressing the lapels to make them narrower, or would this require tailoring work?

I'd also had a shawl-collar unvented tux made up when visiting Hong Kong. (It being New Year's is why I thought about this now.) Here too the button stance seems low (at the waist), and the shoulders are positively epaulet-like in their squareness. Could a tailor modify these faults, and for how much?

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