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Sock Color and Jeans

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So, I of course know how to match up my socks with suits and pants, however what are the rules with jeans? I mean if you were to wear semi dressy shoes, with semi-dressy jeans. I know of course white sport socks and sneakers are made for each other, but I do see people wearing these thick socks with dark leather shoes, and it just doesn't seem right. Please help!
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I like to wear pale yellow socks with jeans but I have no rationale for it.
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Fimiak, wear a color of socks that accent whatever else you're wearing. If you're wearing a light colored shirt or jacket, then tan socks would be cool. That works for me, but there really is no rule for it as jeans pretty much work for everything. Any non-white sock would work
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Originally Posted by Brian SD
...wear a color of socks that accent whatever else you're wearing...

That is also a good idea for more formal outfits.
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I often take the lazy way out and wear navy socks to match the jeans.
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Socks should be any color other than white. I don't think I'd even wear white socks with sneaks, but I don't really wear them so can't say for sure.
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White socks with jeans works well if one is also wearing white athletic sneakers.

Another option is to match sock color to shoe color. (But with regular pants, match with the pants.)
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I don't wear white socks with trainers either.

my socks are 75% argyle so chances are, it'll be argyle
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I usually select a tan sock. As I usually where brown shoes with jeans I think it provides a nice line between the pant and shoe. I rarely where black because I think it is too stark of contrast.
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charcoal cotton of a medium thickness with a plain design
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I usually go with dark grey. !luc
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I don't know of any rules for matching socks with jeans. One can either match the shoes or the jeans. Or, as someone else said, match something that one is wearing.

Just remember, the more sheer / fine the sock, the more dressy. Crew socks and such seem to look best with jeans (IMO).

I personally think white looks bad, but that is my opinion (also depends how someone is wearing their jeans and sneaks). I do wear white sox only if no one is going to see them, maybe for boots (lace up) or something like that.
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When it's colder, I like to wear thick cotton socks by Birkenstock. They're comfortable and cheap, and they add a different sort of color than more traditional striped or solid-color socks.
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