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Originally Posted by ericgereghty View Post

I think something that would be fairly labeled a hit or miss proposition at this point. I have an order hopefully in route as of 10/15, so there's still a few days to hit that 2-4 week estimate.

This was a order originally placed end of August, but let's chalk that up to a legit mistake in shipment... 

frown.gif Hope they arrive shortly.
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Originally Posted by yanagi View Post

frown.gif Hope they arrive shortly.

Lol me too! The hope is that they're good enough quality to justify further purchases. They're cheap enough to be VERY desirable, assuming quality is up to par.


That said, I think I'd go order at least 3 pairs (3+ = tracking!) if I had it to do over again...

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I have taken about 3 deliveries of viccel socks. Right now i am very well stocked with socks as i bought at least 8 pairs each time.

Plus i have bought other brands too from elsewhere. Shipping to Singapore (from Viccel in Turkey) has never been a problem. It will arrive, just that the postal system is sometimes slow.

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No success as of yet. Into the 5th week of waiting, after being quote 2-4...all for an order initially placed in August.

I so badly want to refrain from criticizing, given the exceedingly good pricing, but this is becoming somewhat silly.
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Just write it off as lost in the mail and forget about them. Then when they show up you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Just an update, i received my 4 pairs of socks around 2 weeks back. 


Express shipping probably took around 1 week plus to reach me in Singapore. Unfortunately tracking numbers isn't provided, unless you drop them an email and request for it. 


Nonetheless, I am happy with my purchase. Should i purchase from them again, i will definitely top up for express-shipping for a peace of mind. 

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