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Originally Posted by RBI411 View Post

I'm thinking of picking up a few pairs, but I wan't them to be socks that I can wear year round. From what I've read in a few places the Winter Weight is the best year round weight. Any thoughts? I will add that I live in the NYC area, so take the climate into account.

Winter weight prob will not be ideal for NYC in the winter.

Fwiw I bought 10 pairs about five weeks ago. Received them maybe two weeks ago. They look nice and seem durable.
Wish the patterns were better.

They don't stretch very much, so putting them on and taking off is somewhat difficult. The bit that they do stretch is over the course of the day, I will feel a looseness developing to the socks in my shoe, which is a really uncomfortable feeling. I usually have to adjust them by taking off my shoe and pulling the sock on tighter abt two hrs into the wear. I guess my preference would be for a little more elasticity in the weave, but I will probably order again in the future regardless.

By the way there isn't a ton of difference between the winter and heavy weight, so don't be concerned about the heavy being too thick.
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Originally Posted by xizenta View Post

I usually have to adjust them by taking off my shoe and pulling the sock on tighter abt two hrs into the wear. I guess my preference would be for a little more elasticity in the weave, but I will probably order again in the future regardless.


Hmm I don't think I've ever had mine loosen or fall down.

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I remember there being a SF code or link last time I placed an order. Is that still around?
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Click on the link in KemalOnyurt's signature and you are automatically extended the 20% off code.
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Merino Wool-Silk Socks are available now.

  • Synthetic Free Socks
  • Fine Merino Wool 70% Pure Silk 30%
  • Available as Mid-calf Over or Calf designs
  • Sized Socks - Select Your Shoe Size
  • Approximately mid-calf weight is 65 gr over the calf weight is 85gr ( weights are changing depends on size )

For now just 3 colors available but we are waiting for new color recomandations from you.
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Any chance of 100% cotton OTC socks in maroon/burgundy? Or is claret red your version of those colours?
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How does the weight of those wool/silk socks compare to your other pure merino wool socks?

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Just ordered 2 pair.  I'll follow up after i receive them with a review of some sort.

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Received about 10 pairs of socks recently.  As always, top quality and great colors.  The new purple contrast on the navy socks is a wonderful addition (before the contrast was less distinguishable).

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So a quick rundown of my experience with my Viccels.

I purchased two pairs of Summer Weights and two of Winter, delivered to my door three weeks after placing the order. All of them did not fit very well at first but broke in after a couple wears and have been quite nice. I only got black ones, but want to note that some of the threading is red. I would have preferred all black, but this is a very very minor niggle.

Overall, I would say the Winter is a better all-season sock but I prefer the lightness and breathability of the Summers - which can hang dry in still air in 6 hours if it's not too humid. They are a bit translucent but that's pretty much unnoticeable unless you're really trying. In terms of durability the threads at the calf edge started to loosen and slightly unravel pretty early on but that wasn't a big deal to me. Today though, after 4 months of wear, one of the Summers suddenly developed a hole. I found this pretty disappointing as it hasn't been very long and there have been no visible signs of wear (though they may just be too thin for that). I'll continue monitoring how the remaining ones fair though.

Current verdict: Great initial quality, but durability leaves something to be desired. For most people with a vast rotation they should be a fine choice, but I'm not sure if I'll get more. Will have to see how the rest fair.
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Just received my star textured socks. Viccel has nailed it with these. I had a slight problem with the regular ones expanding too much and the elastic top loosening so much so that the socks roll all the way to the ankles.
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I love my super thin full length Viccel socks!
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I just spoke to Ahmet over at Viccel and I have to say that they have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I usually have problems with OTC socks since I have size 48 shoes (14 US, 13 UK), am very tall ~2 meters so I have large and long calves. I asked Ahmet whether the socks would fit and he said that he would send me a pair of both OTC and normal socks free of charge so I could try them on and if they would fit I could order more. If they didn't fit, I could request them to make the socks larger (add a few cm in the length or width of the calves). He said they would then make them MTO based on the specifications.


I will report back on the quality and fit once I receive the socks, but up to now I'm more than impressed.



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