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Having bought, worn, washed and re-worn my initial 8 pairs, I must say that viccel is good value for money. I haven't had problems with stretching, them winter weights still wear good. Most of the darker shades (blue, red, green and there's a mustard colored one, can't recall the name) are easy to match. I have the same problem as lachyzee with the baby pink (as well as a baby blue) - less muted than what I thought it'd be.


My only other minor gripe is the scratchiness of the hem - occasionally feels like a burnt ring of plastic stretched around my upper calf/knee area. Obviously I don't have this problem with my mazerins, marcolianis etc. etc. But then again, I pay alot more for those, and so I can't fault and should instead applaud viccel for providing a decent, well-priced product with a good range of colors to choose from.

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I love these socks, just placed another order for 5 pairs of varying colours.

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Is there still a link for styleforum discount?
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Originally Posted by yywwyy View Post

Is there still a link for styleforum discount?

Click on the link in Kamal's signature. That should do the trick.
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Just how much thicker are those winter weight socks? I certainly prefer a sock that isn't super thin, or sheerlike. Most of the socks I wear are those colored Uniqlo ones.
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I only have the winter weight, and I love them Of course, it depens on the climate present where you live - I reside in Norway so I can wear these all seasons.
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I also only have WW, but they really don't live up to their "winter" name. Too thin during the coldest of winters, too warm for the warmest of summers, but really a 3-4 season sock for most locations SF'ers are to be found in.
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Well, of course, they aren't wool so they're not ideal in -20C, but for what can be expected from cotton I think they have an excellent P/V.
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To echo some other posts, I initially ordered 6 pairs of mid-calfs in both summer and winter weight.  I definitely prefer the winter weight.  The summer weight is extremely fine.  I was disappointed that the mid-calfs did slip down during wear, though not as bad as many other brands.  Kemal was nice enough to send me a pair of winter weight OTC in a half size smaller (per my request).  I am extremely impressed with the OTCs, they are perfect.  I never have been an OTC sorta guy but I'm a convert now.  The half size down seems to fit me better through three wears. 

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After receiving my OTC from Viccel a couple of weeks ago I converted fully to OTC, they are indeed magnificently comfortable.
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After multiple washes and re wears.... its safe to assume the OTC winter weight / summer and superfine are fine indeed!


Have just put down another order for winter weight and summer weight OTC!

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Did you guys go a half size down?  

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