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I like the dots

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Got my delivery in Australia, about 10 working days from placing the order. Have worn each pair (Midcalf/Winter) a couple of times now and I'm happy with the quality. Will give them a month or so and order some more if they hold up well.

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Just ordered a few pairs, looking forward to their arrival to Australia.

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Originally Posted by KemalOnyurt View Post

Yes there will be mid-calf socks too but before mc we are working on new colors.
I wished to remove dots from the design but our production manager (my bro) does not agree with me.
Can I learn your thoughts about the dots bitween vertical lines ?

I have some pairs with the dots. I like them. But I like the patterns on the old merino socks that you do not make anymore the best of all.

I would like to try some of the new dots pattern in red, faded rose, and off white and purple or lilac.
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Received my 3 pairs couple days ago (waited like just under 2 weeks to Australia) in each weight. Have tried winter weight and summer weight, yet to try the super fine. Summer weight seems about right for Aussie weather.


Overall they feel so much better (very soft and smooth feeling) compared to my other socks. I am happy with the purchase - like advice from above, I will give them about a month's wear and put down a order for if they hold out well.

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I'm going thru my winter weights now - very wearable even in Singaporean weather. Bit more scratchy than other over-the-calf socks I've had - but then again, viccel goes for a fraction of the price. Bearing that in mind, no complaints thus far... But will reserve further views till wash.

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Received six pair of Viccel socks and thus far I am pleased. My only disappointment is that the color of swatches online doesnt always seem representative of the actual socks. For example, I ordered a pair of "Clemetsen Green" socks which look black in almost all lights. I would have gone with the lighter green had I known this. Conversely, the navy is far richer and more striking a blue than you would guess from the website.
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Hey guys,


Just wanted to provide my 2¢ to Viccel's socks.  I ordered 5 pairs to start and when I got them, I noticed that they were HUGE (full calf).  If you've never experienced cotton dress socks, you will be in for a surprise.  Though they look huge, they fit just right.  I found that the initial size was about 1/2 a size too big but once they are washed, they fit me perfectly.  


One HUGE plus for me is that my feet DO NOT SWEAT in them.  Normally, I have to replace my shoes every 6 months because the sweat in the liner makes them very uncomfortable and smelly.  With these socks, I don't sweat AT ALL.  I am super pleased with this and have purchased 6 more.  Took about 2 weeks to get to me from time of order to receipt in Canada.  '


Overall, I am extremely pleased.  Also the sock colors are beautiful and very unique.  I love that I have a bit of pizzaz over everyone in their black synthetic socks.  

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Originally Posted by llcooljayce View Post

....  Normally, I have to replace my shoes every 6 months because the sweat in the liner makes them very uncomfortable and smelly. ..

That seems indeed quit normal. sarcasm.gif
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Anyone else have problems with the socks falling down on legs?
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Originally Posted by clarksdb View Post

Anyone else have problems with the socks falling down on legs?
No, because I only wear OTC socks.
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Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum View Post

No, because I only wear OTC socks.

Yeah it's only been happening mostly with the MC. Unfortunately those are all the pairs I have except for one which is OTC. Thinking I might place an order for couple of OTC socks. Do you find them suitable for the summer?
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I've had mine for about a year and a half and they've held up well. I generally wear the bright Viccel socks in the summer and reserve my argyle socks for cooler weather.
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Received my order today together with box, posting here in case anyone is interested in seeing the colours in office sunlight.

1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-UNDYED-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-CHARCOAL-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-GRAY-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-BROWN-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-TAN-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-Light Pink-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-Egyptian Blue-MIDCALF-Winter
1Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-Box-OVER THE CALF-SocksBox
2Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-BLACK-MIDCALF-Winter
2Prs. US11-EU45-UK10.5-NAVY BLUE-MIDCALF-Winter

Initial impressions:

-In general, none of the socks are glossy/shiny in any way as they appear in the product photos
-"Light pink" is very pink, not nearly as muted as I thought it would be. Not sure how much use ill get out of this one!
-"Egyptian blue", on the other hand, is much more muted and definitely more wearable than I thought it'd be. In fact I would call this a true "Navy", while the socks Viccel advertises as "Navy" are more of a "Midnight Navy" in my opinion (almost look black when out of the sunlight). (The Egyptian blue has come out more like a royal blue in the photos I took on my iPad though, while the Navy is darker than it appears in my photo).
-"Undyed" is more like a khaki colour than it appears on the website (where it seems more neutral)
-"Gray" is more like the "Light Gray" picture on the website than the actual "Gray picture", i.e. - lighter. I wish it was darker and had a bit more depth. The colour seems flat for some reason.
-"Tan" is more like a light brown. Not as washed out/light as in the product photo
-"Brown" is darker than in the product photo. I would call it a chocolate brown.
-All in all for the most part they look a lot better in the product photos (to be expected I guess). I still like them. The photos on the website should probably be a bit more true to life though.
-Definitely glad I opted for winter weight as even these are pretty thin compared to what I have been wearing. Can't imagine how thin the summer weights must be

-The box is OK but not amazing. I think the allen edmonds/woodlore boxes are nicer. For only ~$27AUD including shipping though, it's not too bad.

No quality impressions yet since I haven't worn them!

I hope this helps someone for future orders.

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Thanks, nice to get some reviews of the colours, will definitely buy some of those blues.
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