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I don't know if anyone has tried ordering custom sizing socks yet.

I wrote Viccel a while ago and asked about custom sizing socks for bigger ankles and calves. I have bigger calves and ankles and the size 12 sock fits me well in the foot but it is really hard to get on and off because of the size of my ankle/heel. They made me a custom pattern and shipped it to me and I was totally satisfied!

I asked them how I can order more socks like that in the future and they said the pattern was saved for me to be used on my future orders.

Well, I ordered 11 socks on September 1, 2016. Received September 19, 2016. Very very sad to see that this many pairs were delivered and did NOT come in my special sizing this time. They are all so very tight!

I wrote them an e-mail upon receipt of the delivery, 09/19/16 but no one has replied. Very happy with the quality of Viccel socks especially in my custom fit, but they might not get the sizing straight again on future orders!