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Originally Posted by chorse123
If the customer is clear up front that he is planning to order one shirt, or whatever the minimum number of shirts is, and he is not intentionally misleading the maker, I don't think this is all that bad. Perhaps he can only afford 1, or 3, or 6 bespoke shirts, but needs more than that. I don't think it's his responsibility to worry about the maker's profitability. He's not "f*** [ing] the maker out of his recompense." He's meeting the terms of the deal. And if the maker is losing money on an order, perhaps he should be charging more.

Wait, did I just say that?

And as a customer new to the process, I would simply expect the maker to (politely) explain that based on the economics of the business, he cannot realize any meaningful profit unless I return for significantly more than the 'minimum' number of shirts, and that his acceptance of me as a customer is with a good faith understanding that I will return to him for my additional shirtmaking needs. No profanity or disrespect necessary.
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Although their minimum is three shirts, after youve tried this bespoke shirt maker, (Paris Shirts in NYC) you wont want to have the shirts copied, you'll just keep addictively getting more shirts made by them!

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