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From a recent trip to Florence.

From Pusateri:


Black unlined deerskin. Very similar to these, which I got in Naples some 6 years ago, and which I still use.

From Luciano:


Dark brown unlined calf.



Dark navy unlined calf (been using these for about a week now).

A heads up for those of you looking for peccary: In at least half of the 4-5 shops we visited, they showed us carpincho instead. Madova was the worst offender, with the sales person 3 times denying that the 'peccary' she showed us was actually carpincho, until I spelled out the differences - at which point she admitted that it in fact *was* carpincho, before finding some actual peccary. In one of the other shops they said this was not unexpected behaviour for the shops in Florence.

peccary is supposedly overharvested and rare now. surprisingly so. the glove shops say they have a hard time getting this skin in now, in decent quality.