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Where does all the NWT stuff on the Buying & Selling forum come from? One assumes from people who have purchased from an 'authorized' retailer and now are reselling to a willing buyer. What's the difference here? It is a private sale of a product that is not a 'controlled substance' as far as the government is concerned. Vass, it's retailers or agents have no control or voice unless they wish to stop selling to the public all together.
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I didn't start these threads, but hopefully I can end them.

There are plenty of things remaining that I'm tempted to respond to. But I think I've covered the essentials. To those who supported us, thank you very much. To those who did not, I'm sorry you feel the way you do, and we'll just have to agree to disagree.
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Originally Posted by dah328
Out of curiosity, how is the pricing on St. Crispin's over there?

I just inquired at the outlet and they told me their Prêt - line was € 780,- incl. 16 % VAT. That pretty much equals the price of JL and EG RTW w/o shoe trees here.
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Originally Posted by tiger02

Well said.

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