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What is "To Boot New York"

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Does anyone know this brand? Friend of mine bought their "hand made" line shoes.

Although I could not do in-depth examination on them, the shoes looked like had goodyr welted construction with channel soles and bevelled waist. Last shape is very neo-italian look (pointy with squared noise). It looked quite nice.

Any comments?
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That's Adam Derrick's line of shoes.....The Sartorialist had a writeup dedicated to him a while back last year. I believe they are generally regarded as good quality, and a pair or two has caught my eye when out looking about.
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I had a pair of two tones from years back. I finally sold them to my boss. He still waers them and they are holding up just fine. So, I'll endorse style and durability.
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Adam Derrick is the manager of the men's shoe department at Bergdorf. I cannot attest to the construction, but they have some nice styles in a myriad of prices and soles.
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I have some zip ankle boots by him with an fasionista toe that I wear to clubs and such. So far, they are actually holding up well. Pooriest quality of my collection but for the audience (girls,clubs,big city,night,spilt wine/beer/vodka) that are perfect.
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Too Boot is overpriced and under quality. I use to own a few pairs before I knew better. They were the most uncomfortable shoes I owned. Once I upgraded, I threw mine in the trash. Save your money. At that price point, Allen Edmonds and Alden are a much better buy.
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Originally Posted by sammy
Too Boot is overpriced and under quality. ...At that price point, Allen Edmonds and Alden are a much better buy.

I disagree. I own both, but I wear my AE to work, and the TBNY to bars. The AE are better made and more comfortable, but not by extreme measures...and they are very conservative. There is a dollar value associated w/ style, and I'd MUCH rather wear a pair of To Boot than Kenneth Cole, Donald J Pliner, or Gordon Rush. I think a better comparison for TBNY would be with John Varvatos, DSquared2, Mark Nason, Ted Baker, or Paul Smith. Does anyone have an opinion on TBNY vs. those brands?

FWIW, Alden, as beautifully made as they are, make me feel like an old man when I try them on. It's something about the way the thickness of the soles....but every time I think I'm going to buy some Alden's, I end up w/ another pair of AE.
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I have a pair (my only black shoes). They have held up very well and look good. The leather was almost kid-like but has held up fine.
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I'm quite fond of my TBNY shoes, and on a slightly unrelated note, the best pair of sandals I've ever owned were TBNY.
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I have a black pair of ankle boots I have had for years and they still look hot and wear very well! man , looking at them now makes me want to put them on and wear them in my boxers!!
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I have a pair that I love. I have seen abominations from them as well, Kenneth Cole, square-toed, abortions of style. The pair I purchased are good looking, comfortable and...I guess that is all that matters. They have held up well, but I don't wear them all too often.
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I do like TBNY shoes.

While at full retail, I would not purchase them, they are easy to find at deep discount and then represent a good value.

Like W, I do have one pair of TBNY slide-style sandals that I like and wear during the summer. Some of their shoe designs may be a bit much, but the classic designs are straight.
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To Boot is merely the label for the Adam Derrick company. The actual construction and design is subcontracted to an unknown number of Italian companies. I find that the styling and cost/quality ratio varies greatly--at the biannual NYC sample sale examples of both crap and mediocre quality shoes can be found. They can be readily found at discount, and for the blake stiched models, a decent value.

My winter boots for the past three/four years have been a pair of To Boot NY retailing for around $300 that I purchased for $125. I replaced them with a pair of BB/C&J black calvary calf chukka boots.
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Funny thing is, they're displayed beside Kiton, Vass and Lobb shoes in the store.
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