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Hate to say it, but I think it's hideous. Maybe it doesn't show well in pictures; I like POW and I like overchecks and I LOVE color, but together it's all too much for me. It has to be a personal decision for you.
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$3000 strikes me as a bit high. Starting MTM for Radcliff was around $2700 last fall at Carroll & Co for 100s cloth. I didn't think a Super 120s cloth would add that much to one, but perhaps it does. I found the styling schizophrenic when I tried it out, like it couldn't decide what kind of suit it wanted to be: hip and forward, or old and stodgy.

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I was expecting to see more waist suppression based on all the information that I've heard. The lapels are a touch small. Almost Thom Browne small. Looking at the models in the auction, I don't see much difference from other Oxxford models other than the lapels.
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For what it's worth, the seller is reputable. You can spend hours in his store in Evanston.

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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Can someone who has seen the new model in person comment on how well these pics represent the overall style? I'm a bit surprised by the pictures.

Doc, the pictures aren't showing for me so I can't comment on them, but I did try on a Radcliffe model last fall and was unimpressed. I was struck by how small the lapels are and, as you note, the lack of waist suppression. I think we may have similar builds and I'll tell you that the Radcliffe did not flatter me *at all* (the lapels accentuated my slender shoulders and chest. Ugh.)

I know many people on the forum dislike the Crest model, but for me it's a winner. I really like the roped shoulders and moderate waist suppression of the Crest. I think it's Oxxford's attempt to be more Italianate, without the "in your face" look of Brioni.

And yes, I think $3000 is a very high ebay price. Ten months ago, starting price for a MTM Oxxford Crest was around $2600. I can't believe the Radcliffe would be priced much higher.
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Hello Cuff ,

is it a thrift store ? Are a lot of the items NWT ?
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wow, that is quite a seller-- will have to keep an eye on his offerings.

as far as the radcliff goes, isn't this one on the site a good representation of this model/style?

I want this exact suit! if anyone happens into an oxxford store or speaks with a knowledgeable rep at a store that offers oxxford, would you mind inquiring as to what the price would run for this one (i'd like to order one in my specific size, of course, but nothing that would add costs of made to measure or anything)

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OTR at Barney's, they didn't carry any fabrics below $3500 in the Radcliff last Halloween.

Foxx--MTM or with tailoring, yeah, you'd get that look. Not OTR.
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i dunno, the oxxford suits fit me pretty well off the rack with few alterations. i don't have that guy's physique, of course, but i think that model of suit would look great on most gents.

Gibbons, taken a year or so ago:
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