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Oxxford Radcliff on ebay

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I know there has been much discussion on the new Radcliff model. Here is the 1st one I have ever seen on ebay (at least in my size). I kind of like it for a summer suit with the yellow in it, but it is kind of hard to truly gage the color of the suit. If anyone has an opinion, let me know. Thanks
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The narrow lapels and lack of waist suppression don't do it for me. And I agree about the difficulty in gauging the color. Certainly a gamble. Maybe ask the seller for more pics?
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Hint hint: same seller also has a 40R
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Can someone who has seen the new model in person comment on how well these pics represent the overall style? I'm a bit surprised by the pictures.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Can someone who has seen the new model in person comment on how well these pics represent the overall style? I'm a bit surprised by the pictures.

As am I. I thought there would be a lot more waist surpression than what appears. Since I have not seen one in person, I have nothing to compare it to.
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Going off of this one because it's closer to my size and easier to see the details.

Shoulders--underrepresented. The Radcliff shoulders are more built up than Kiton/Attolini, but not by much. I really like the shoulders.

Lapels--about right. They're very small, surprisingly and almost trendily so. Buttoned to the 2nd button, they will be less noticeable. I happen to like them.

Chest--lies nicely but doesn't fit me well. If you have exceptionally square shoulders you're going to need some tailoring in the back.

Waist--it's still an Oxxford. Better than Jones New York, not as good as Attolini. Also better than the Manhattan model. You'll want to take in an inch or two, depending on your physique. For me the waist was inoffensive enough not to take away from the overall look.

Pants--can't comment, didn't try them.

Tailoring--unquestionably. They didn't skimp because of the younger target audience.

Overall--8/10, considering styling, quality, and value.

Hope that helps
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I usually wear Borrelli/Kiton etc. and tried a Rad On at Saks. and the cut was extremely sweet, much better than I anticipated. It's not their normal game, but for that price it may pay to play. You get it to a good CUSTOM/BESPOKE tailor and have him take 10 minutes sizing you and the suit up and I think you've got a winner potentially. The jacket body does look rather omnious.
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Thanks, Tom. That's very helpful. I can't say I'm sold on the Radcliff. More than anything, it reminds me of the endless pages of generic three-button, small lapel suits on Overstock. Seems like Oxxford is arriving late to the party, and that's not a good thing when trying to attract a younger crowd.
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Soph, do you think you'd buy the Radcliff? Are the changes enough to woo you away from your regular stuff?
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I'd like to see that 40R with the center button only buttoned. He lists the tagged model as:

Style: Radcliff N3 Roll Ctr

Does that mean a 3to2 roll (or 2 1/2 button)? The lapels would be extended some if that's the case, which would give it a better look--more relaxed, less 'buttoned-up' (literally!). Actually, if you look at the pic with the trousers on the left and the angled view of the jacket you can see how nicely it rolls to the center button. The lapels are extended well.
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I think you're right, Alan, and Tom's post backs you up. A roll to the second would make the suit look much better, and would cut down on the Overstock effect. I'll withhold full judgment until I see more pics, but right now I'm just not feeling the skinny lapel and built-up shoulder combo.
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Doc, rest assured, this is no Mantoni. It's still out my price range but I'd go for a Radcliffe if 1. I were in the $3000+ suit market and 2. I didn't live in close proximity to Italy . It's a good relaxed alternative to Borrelli and the like.

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Any comments on the fabric?
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The Radcliff does have a nice line,cut unlike the rest of the Ox's I've seen. Only style of their brand I would ever consider.
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