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Suits in the Godfather movies...

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I was just watching the Godfather, in particular the scene (and those immediately following) the baptism, when Michael Corleone wears a 3 piece DB suit that looks for all the world like a Kiton. superb cloth, the rolls of the lapels, buttonholes, tons of hand stitching, and the shoulders are especially cool.

This picture doesn't show it, but this is the suit i'm referring to:

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I have always been a fan of the dress in the series, especially the way they all wear hats and waistcoasts.
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They've been looping the Godfather Series on AMC a lot lately - not sure why. I've been diggin Michael Corleone's suits as well. Thought it was just me These guys are just so well put together.
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In Godfather III his suits were made by Verri Uomo, but I do not know whether they were used for the other GF movies.

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I love the look of the 3 piece DB suit, and have several. I had one made in charcoal with narrow stripes, similar to the one in the picture.
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i figured someone else here might be noticing the series on TV right now, as well! not only is the baptism scene a great piece of movie (with the injections of the killings while Michael affirms his faith at the baptism), but he wears that suit is in the next several scenes as the story continues-- very sharp, looks like the neopolitan style to me (softer shoulders, so much stitching thruout, the intentional space between the lapel points and the collar, etc.)
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