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Berluti shoes

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Dear fellow members: I have finally mustered up all my courage to list my Berluti on eBay here --- Berluti Auction.  As you are all aware of, these are obviously not some discounted pair from a department store; any suggestions on my pictures, pricing, descriptions, etc.?  I'd really appreciate it. And if anyone in this forum should bid on it, shipping is on me. Naturlaut
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Naturlaut - Just one suggestion. You might want to put the shoe size in the item description so that when someone searches on Ebay for size 7 (US) shoes, your listing comes up. Although you're likely to sell them to someone who appreciates shoes and is searching specifically for one of the name-brand, hand-crafted shoes, by putting the size, you might get lucky and just find someone who wants a good pair of shoes, but isn't familiar with the available brands. They are beautiful shoes, unfortunately being a size 11 1/2 myself, they wouldn't do me much good Bradford
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Those are very beautiful shoes. Quite frankly of all the shoe brands in this world my favorite is Berluti. Unfortunately that size is too small for me. I particualry like thier Espirit de la Couture collection. Anways I noticed on your auction site that there was mention of a catalogue. How does one acquire a Berluti catalogue? I have Lobb catalogues that were acquired by contacting Hermes.
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