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I just picked up a Dormeuil Solid Navy tie.
Very impressive, very thick and substantial, excellent fabric and texture. I just tied it and it holds incredibly. $135 from Despsos Custom Tailoring, so it's a fair price relative to the Borrelli ties I love so.

Anybody else have any experience with Dormeuil ties.
Tie one on. Dor-may

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Originally Posted by Soph

Any native speakers want to weigh in on how to pronounce this? If I'm wrong about it, then I apologize, but if the above pronunciation is a mistake, I don't want it propagated.
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Manton writes:
I don't believe this is right. Everyone in the trade I've ever talked to pronounces it "door-MAY." So did the employees at the now-closed store in New York.

Dorian writes:
Ask someone who speaks French to say 'Dormeiul' and I think you'll find that it is a mix of dor-may and dor-moy with eu sound in there.

It is obviously not an easy translation to English as there seems to be some debate about its correct spoken form.

--- The main thrust however, is some exceptional ties in some tasteful, classical patterns from what I have seen. Beautiful!
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