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If price is at all a concern, I sure know how little money I had coming out of school, I would agree with everyone else on the suit separates. You might like to check out Filene's Basement. They will have a number of makers and you might find a cut that flatters.

Filene's Basement
830 N Michigan Ave
(312) 482-8918

Filene's Basement
1 N State St
(312) 553-1055
Chicago, IL Map \t

Chris Despos is an excellent bespoke tailor in Chicago, but he also offers an MTM suit. I don't know where it starts price wise. If you call Chris, explain what you're looking for. If he's unable to help you and not too busy when you call, he might be able to offer some additional advice.

34 E Oak St # 3
(312) 944-8833

Another tailor at your price range in Chicago would be Paul Chang.

180 N La Salle St # 170
(312) 332-0423

Be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment if you choose to visit either gentleman. Good luck to you and your boyfriend.
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folks: Nina Myers is a fictional character from the TV show 24. My guess is that's not our new member's real name.

As for the question, Brook Brothers MTM, Ralph Lauren Polo MTM, and the cheaper besoke options are great choices.
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I'd be remiss, as one of the forum's growing band of partisans for WW Chan, one of Hong Kong's leading tailors which makes three times yearly tours of the U.S., if I didn't put in a word for that firm's good work. For around $1,000 U.S., your boyfriend can get an excellent bespoke suit in a more than serviceable fabric.
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You can also visit the websites of some inexpensive tailors overseas, though the problem is getting exactly what you want across to them and accurate measurements. My suit from one such tailor took only two weeks' turnaround time and fits quite nicely, plus it was under $300.
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The Chan suggestion is a good one. Despos's MTM suits are a great choice because you'd have a top-notch bespoke tailor taking measurements instead of a salesperson. I'd be a bit more wary with PS and BB. I've been to both establishments on Michigan and can't say I'd be confident with the skills of the staff. Martin Greenfield, who does the latter's MTM suits, makes visits around the country from time to time for BB, and he'd be a good choice too.
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2 cents:

I'd suggest going understated. A bespoke suit fitting a 14 drop is not the law firm image. I'g get shoulders that fit and sleeves that show cuff and make the jacket show some figure, but as I said in an understated way. Likewise pay attention to the shirt and tie - tasteful but not flashy

Being a partner at one of the muckety-muck lawfirms, I look for people who have enough sense to dress well, but not too much so, at least not as a first year. The most important attribute in an interview though is coming across as having a genuine interest in one or more practice areas.

I do a bunch of mentoring of law students. If your BF or fiance wants to PM me, tell him to feel free
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