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What drinks do you guys order at clubs? - Page 4

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Russian Quelud.

Incredible Hulk.

Bacardi Razz and Coke.
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Bacardi razz + mineral water, served in the mineral water 33cl bottle.
"Oh, what a sober nice guy drinking water" - Mwuahahaha.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Tom Collins and gimlets are my favorite spring drinks.

+1 on the Tom Collins! This is my first post, so I feel obliged to explain.

I was first turned on to the Tom Collins at a resort in Mexico, after I had tried just about every drink known to man (it was an all inclusive resort, and I was at the swim-up bar), I asked the bartender to surprise me. I was 18. At any rate, he poured one up and I wasn't able to stop ordering them. My lovely wife (girlfriend at the time) was kind enough to help me back up to our room for the remainder of the evening.

Now I live in Milwaukee and for the life of me, the only place I've ever found to make a Tom Collins like the bartender in Mexico is a small Asian resturaunt named the Egg Roll House. Most places I go to, you ask for a Tom Collins and they say, 'Sure thing, one Miller Lite, coming right up!' It's quite frustrating. I did find it funny the one time I ordered a Tom Collins at my trusted Egg Roll House and ordered it with a coke (implied on the side). Well, I learned my lesson and drank my brown Tom Collins!

I also order whiskey sour, amaretto sour, and on those 'long-island's just not gonna' cut-it tonight' occasions, I've been known to order an incredible hulk.
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remy vsop
the darkest rum they have and coke

thats all.
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Cocktails, like clothing, are seasonal for me.

Fall/Winter - Scotch/Rocks, Cuba Libre

Spring/Summer - Sapphire/Tonic/Lime, K1 Citron/Tonic/Lemon

mmmm, now I am thirsty.
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Quad neat Johnnie Walker Gold, if not then Black.

I only order a G&T if it it a 'proper' English style G&T, that is half a glass of Gin, and they don't pour the tonic for you. I can't stand it when a bartender pours my Gin. The gin of prefrence would be Millers or even better Millers Westbourne Strength, but Tanqueray does the job.

Vodka, either neat or with Soda water, any of : Zubrowa, Penka, Grey Goose, Ciroc, Belvedere, Stolichnaya Elit, and even regular Stolichnaya is pretty good. If you give me Abslout or Smirnoff (Red, Black, or Blue), I'm likely to smash the glass in your face.

Once in a while a glass of Champagne, if its semi-decent. Something like Pol Roger or Veuve. Great on a hot day.
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Bombay Sapphire and Tonic
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Like most, a gin & tonic goes well. If you have a chance, check out Hendrick's gin - it's infused with cucumber and rosepetals, so it has a less evergreen taste and a more melon/floral hint.

I had a manhattan tonight made with Booker's... bartender asked me how I liked it (he had recommended it after the first manhattan). I told him it tasted rather strong. He told me Booker's is 126 proof, and usually they add more vermouth/cherry juice to cut it. Yikes is all I can say.
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Originally Posted by sonick
Just lookin for some variety. The only highball I see guys drink here are rum and coke. Other than that its just beer or shots.

So, what kinds of drinks do you guys order at clubs? Something not too pretentious/stuffy/snobby.

And what shots do you guys get? Its rare, but if I do have shots itll either be tequila or 151 usually.


Oh god, 151 will fuck you up. I don't go clubbing, but when I drink it's at parties. And high school parties=bur. If I have a drink it's whisky and coke, Jim Beam preferably. I was at a party playing quarters with a handle of Rough & Roudy whisky (we have class). Since I was the smallest everyone made me drink. I got trashed, needless to say.
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I don't abide by it, but I was recently forwarded this quote:

No one over 22 years old should ever have a mixed drink involving more than two ingredients, and, ideally, one of them should be ice. --Gene Weingarten
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Hehe, well I've still got 1 and a half years to go before I turn 22. Thanks for all the input guys!
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Food Network On Demand has a Good Eats special concerning cocktails, looks like it started a few days ago. Alton goes over making 3 basic drinks, including a Martini, as well as some do's and don'ts when collecting home bar equipment. Was helpful to me, as I don't have a jigger/pony measure and I often overdo the spirits when mixing at home.

In a club or at parties I'll usually go with a gin and tonic if someone's asking for drink orders. Most parties I attend, there's usually an organic gin (the name eludes me right now, but I think there's only 1 organic gin being made, so that's the one) so I'll have that with a sparkling high mineral content water and a couple drops of flavored liquid stevia - whatever flavors are available at the party. When no one's looking I raise my pinky and enjoy my drink foo-foo style.

Just kidding!

If, god forbid, I'm stuck with the almighty Beefeater gin, I'll have that with water or tonic and any type of flavoring. I appreciate this gin for its no-frills taste, but I'm usually not in the mood to drink it. I'm a man, but damnit, I'm not a caveman! But I do want to get drunk. So gimme Beefeater if that's all you got.

Left to my own devices, I'll go for Bombay Sapphire with any sparkling mineral water, over ice in a highball glass. I think the drink is officially called a Hanna.

My girlfriend laughs at me as she always and only drinks Budweiser.
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I usually drink Guiness when I go to a bar. If I was at a lounge or a place that doesn't serve Guiness from the tap, my default choice is Bombay Sapphire and tonic, with a slice of lime. Edit: corrected "have drink Guiness" to "drink Guiness." I was probably drunk when I wrote that.
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I usually drink beer when I go out and Beck's is my beer of choice. However, if I get a mixed drink I usually go with a Henny and Coke.
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I drink Coke/Pepsi, coffee, or the occasional beer, usually either a PBR, Guiness, or Newcastle.
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