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What drinks do you guys order at clubs?

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Just lookin for some variety. The only highball I see guys drink here are rum and coke. Other than that its just beer or shots. So, what kinds of drinks do you guys order at clubs? Something not too pretentious/stuffy/snobby. And what shots do you guys get? Its rare, but if I do have shots itll either be tequila or 151 usually. Thanks.
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I don't go to clubs, but the last time I saw a significant portion of men drinking rum and coke, I was in college. My first year.

I try to keep it simple:
vodka tonic
gin and tonic
rye whiskey and ginger ale
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Manhattan. More sophisticated than a Rum and Coke, less stuffy than a martini.
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V&T or G&T - easy to order, not expensive, hard to mess up, comes in a down glass, doesn't make a mess if spilled.
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I don't go to clubs but these are my usuals:

-Gin Tonic
-Vodka Tonic
-Old Fashioned
-Vodka Martini
-Single Malt, neat
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Don't club either, but would: - Crown Royal, ginger, wedge of lemon - Jameson's and Water ~Huntsman
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thanks guys, keep 'em coming. I think the martini and manhattan might be a tad high-maintenence coz of the cocktail glass. I'll spring for a V&T or G&T next time round. Huntsman, My usual highball of choice is crown and ginger
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Crown Royal (only good thing to come out of Manitoba where I'm from) and ginger ale.
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Depends on my mood, but it's usually bourbon (Maker's Mark, Knob Creek, neat or rocks depending) or vodka martini/tonic/rocks (Grey Goose or Stoli usually).
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Since we are now getting into the warm season

Try a Meyers Rum with tonic and a piece of lemon squeezed into it.
Rum usually comes with lime - for some reason. The change to lemon really helps this one.

Another drink that also works well for summer -
Use vodka from the freezer - keep the vodka and gin there.
First - squeeze a fairly large piece of lemon into the glass - then put the whole chunk into the bottom.
Add the ice. Then the vodka. The frozen vodka seems to really strip the oils and flavors out of the lemon peel.
Finally add the tonic. Make sure it goes last.
Seems odd, but the flavor of the drink is quite different when built that way.
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Martinis, sidecars, various shots depending on the fellow shooters.
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Wild Turkey on the rocks.
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Usually a G&T, less often an RB&V, but sometimes a Bloody Mary or whatever else I feel like drinking.
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Whisky and soda.
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i notice that vodka tends to make me an excited drunk, but with whiskey i can be drunk and still keep my cool.

gin & tonics are good in warm weather.
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