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Super visible messenger bags

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I usually wear a messenger bag when I ride my motorcycle. It's a Timbuk2 that I found in my apartment garage/carport, probably stolen from someone, rooted through and dumped. (We have very rare petty crime around my place). Anyway there were no contact details so I emptied it and started using it. I like the size and shape of it, I think it's the medium regular Timbuk2 bag. Only problem is that it is drab gray. I'd like to replace it with something that can add some visibility while I ride, since I'm usually in a black jacket and black pants (though the pants have reflective stuff on them).

Here are two I have found so far:

They seem to hover at the $80 mark, which is fine. The Timbuk2 is indestructible and works well, and Aerostitch gear is known for being great as well.

Does anyone know of any others I should consider, or have anything to say about either?

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I am a big Timbuk2 fan - and for the normal retail price, you can get any colors you want if you do the create your own thing.
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Love my timbuk2 bag (it got me through law school and works fairly well as a gym/commuting bag now).

You can make it as bright as you want using their build-your-own-bag (BYOB) option on the website.
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You can get these reflector tabs for your bag:
Not 100% sure if they will work with the buckles on your particular bag though.
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I love Timbuk2 bags.

Crumpler also has good messenger bags with reflective stripes "built in." Be forewarned though, their web site is of the "look at me, I have a Flash web site!" variety, complete with "ironic" music.
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My only complaint about my Timbuk2 bag is the velcro... loud and destined to stop being effective at some point. Other than that it's a great bag.
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I wholly support Chrome.
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R.E.load They started in Philly but have a branch in Seattle now, too.
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