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Originally Posted by odoreater
But, what you should really do is actually bid your maximum the first time you bid

And then forget about the auction.
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Snipe tools ain't got not cred, yo. I do it by hand, with a NIST traceable stopwatch, and bid, on dialup, one second out. If everyone sniped it would limit the useless 'leapfrogging' if bidding that you see so frequently.

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I use which has never failed. Auctionsniper is also pretty good (3 freebies when u sign up).
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Buy it now. Or else.
post #20 of 22 is by far the easiest to use. It has never failed me. I set my time at 8 seconds although you can go as low as 3 seconds.

The real advantage of these programs is that one can rationally set a maximum and then forget about the item. It doesn't matter when the auction ends, your bid will be in.

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i second auction sentry. it batch imports all of your watched items from eBay, you can put items into groups, have it bid on item B only if you didn't win item A, and it has never failed me. It's great if you can't be around your puter all the time.

that said, sniping is by no means magical, so if you are able to be at your puter, you can bid with ten seconds left at your maximum price, and it is the same thing.

most items i bid on have one or two other snipers besides me. it has never mattered which sniper bid first or last. the one willing to go the highest is always the winner. the only rare occasion is if two people bid the same maximum, in which case, the tie breaker is the person who bid this case, you would not want to be the latest sniper anyway.
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thanks for the tip on jbidwatcher. giving it a try now. looks pretty awesome so far. this thing will actually pop up a photo of the item if you hover over the title, similar to AJAX web pages. too bad it's java, but if it's good and free, who cares! update: this app is great. for example, you can have it highlight all items with "lauren" in the title, and it will even create an easy to read summary html page of the lauren items, complete with pictures, price, number of bids, end time, etc. the level of customization is also nice. very impresive, and yet another example of a free app head and shoulders above of commercial SW!
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