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Ebay sniping tools?

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Well, I've been sniped one too many times, losing those Zegna boots in the last 30 seconds. Anybody have recommendation for a good, easy to use and free sniping tool?
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No, the good ones cost money.
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You don't really need a sniping tool. Just have one window open on the auction where you are 1 click away from confirming your bid...then have another window open to constantly refresh and check the auction's time left. When you get down to 5 or so seconds, hit the bid button on the first window.

I don't think sniping is as effective anymore because you'd still have to beat the last person's maximum bid, which you wouldn't know until you placed yours.
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most snipers will give you 3-5 free ones before charging you

but the open one window to watch with another open with a bid is the best way if you're on the PC at the moment the auction ends. the low rent version of a snipe, but works just as well.

I only use a snipe if it's something ending while I'm out or asleep
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Unfortunately, almost all worthwhile auctions end while I'm asleep

I'm trying out auctionsniper.com for one tonight. I'll report back in the morning.
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Auctionsniper is great. I've used it for couple of years.
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If you plan to snipe, you should also make sure the clock on your PC has the correct time. Use one of the freeware atomic clock synchronization tools.
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I also use auctionsniper

if anyone decides to try it out, you can always refer my username (get.smart) so I can get some free snipes
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I use the 2 window method and it has worked quite well for me. But, what you should really do is actually bid your maximum the first time you bid if you don't want to snipe. This means that if a sniper is worth paying more than your maximum than he deserves to get the item because he was willing to pay more for it than you were. If you see an item listed for $20 and the absolute maximum you would pay for it is $100, then bid $100, don't bid $50 and then hope nobody outbids you.

I snipe auctions all the time, but when I snipe them I don't enter a final bid that's more than what I'm willing to pay, and I don't bid if the item has already been bid up over my maximum. I've lost quite a few items like this, but only because the bids had gone higher than what I was willing to pay for the item.
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I've used auctionsniper twice and won both times. It's 100% guaranteed!
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i use jbidwatcher:


it's free, and i've used it successfully on both windows and osx machines.
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That looks interesting though there is the disadvantage of requiring your computer to be on. I use AuctionSniper for all of my bidding. The few cents it costs is well worth the time and effort it spares me.
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I use esnipe.com. They charge 1% of the final price, but only if you win the item. I use a sniper since a lot of auctions end in the middle of the night or during the day when I'm at work or otherwise busy.
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Well, looks like there were competing snipes both a good $30 above mine. I bid at the highest I was willing to go, so more power to them.

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Originally Posted by amblus
i use jbidwatcher:
it's free, and i've used it successfully on both windows and osx machines.

another vote for jbidwatcher. i like the program so much, i actually donated money to the developer (which i usually don't do for donationware). my computer is always online, so it works very nicely for me, plus there are the benefits of logging your spending and tracking your selling items.
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