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yeah, when he isnt trapped in the closet
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Supreme NYC has the best staff in the world.
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Originally Posted by Brian SD View Post


Farinelli's, Drinkwater's, MJK, Self Edge, Blue in Green all have awesome service as well.
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The bald asian guy with thick eyeglass frames at the south coast plaza john varvatos boutique is a bit of an arrogant mutha.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
I never did trust anyone from Brooklyn.

Hey, I gots cousins out in Brooklyn...
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case and point.
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Bay Area, CA: (And i shop A LOT)

-Horace at Borrelli! He makes it almost worth it to buy at retail......almost. I can't fucking belive he talked me into ordering 3 MTM shirts at full retail......
-Some of the crew at Wilkes Bashford SF. Its really hit or miss but some of the staff are AWESOME even if they know you're not walking in with an unlimited checking acct (as most of their cust are)
-Some of the crew at Barney's SF--5th Flr--some real gems of gents there.
-Me--I take care of my customers
-Some of the crew at Malouf's Burlingame.

IMO, a good salesperson at a high end store knows how to "invest" in their customers--as in they're not alwyas looking for the quick sale and know that if the service is there, you become customers for life. Sale rack today, Kiton Floor tomorrow.

Having said that, the BAD:
MOST of the SA at Wilkes, Palo Alto
Neiman Marcus--pretty much every one I've been to but especially SF+PA
MOST of the staff at Bloomingdale's SF except the Shoe dept--
FERRAGAMO SF--OMG ARE THEY FUCKING BAD. 1st time I went in there, thought it was a fluke but the chinese girl who was in there looked me up and down blatantly and would not even acknowledge me presence. Everytime thereafter either the gay dude or that same chinese girl was there and I received the same treatment.
Your fucking ferragamo for god's sake. the poor man's luxury brand

I can go on and on..
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I've never had a bad experience at Opening Ceremony in LA. They are really nice and accomodating. Same thing down the street at Craft. Really good people.

Of course Secret Service! Chad: "Do you want a beer?" 'nuff said.

The guys at Legion are dope too, except this one time I rolled in and a girl was working. I asked her for the price of some EG denim that didn't have a tag, and she picked up a pair of Rag & Bone or KMW (I forgot, but it was substantially more than the EG should have been) because they "looked the same" and quoted me that price. Really now?.

Did anyone mention BLAKE in Portland? I love them. Super nice dude.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
Personally, the quality of my shopping experience is dictated by the ability of the SA to try to get me drunk. That said, these people are on my "best of" list:
-Billy Reid

QFT. Billy Reid is the only reason I ever stop by Southpark Mall in Charlotte these days -- and I usually try to hit up the store every time I pass through the city.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
case and point.
Ha. Adam's cousins are freaks.
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On the MC floor at Barney's in SF, there's a really good older guy, I forget his name. The people on the same floor at Saks are jerks.
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Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
case and point.

("Case in point").

I know I already mentioned this, but I'm currrently having an amazing experience with the guys at Need Supply Co. That's what it's about.

Have yet to experience Mauro's finesse, but only 'cause I missed the F vs. Crates by a week :-(
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Originally Posted by dibadiba View Post
how come? it's probably been a year or so, but the last time I ordered from them, they sent me the wrong pair of jeans (correct size, but wrong type). I emailed them about it and they told me to keep them, and had the correct pair at my door in <48 hours. doesnt really get much better than that imo...

Originally Posted by Mauro View Post
+1^^ that's something I would do for sure.

^ wow. As in 'keep them' keep them??

Yeah, um, Mauro, I need some jeans. No, not those, the other blue ones. No, to the left of those...
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Nathan literally just talked to me for 20-25 minutes, checking inventory, helping me out to get a great deal, just an all around good place.

Shop Detour

Great guys here too, very patient and willing to go grab whatever to double check measurements and make sure I had everything I wanted to know.


Mike is a SUPER nice guy and genuinely cares about his customers. Can't wait for my red flannel.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
BTW, service at Epaulet sucks. I've sent numerous emails to Mike and all he does is answer my questions in the form of R. Kelly lyrics.

What the hell is that about?

Cristal poppin' in the stretch navigator
we got food every where
as if the party was catered
we got fellas to my left
honeys on my right
we bring em both together we got drinkin' all night
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