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Top end T shirt

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I have tried the American Apparel and other similar brands but are there any brands that offer a really good T shirt, like swiss quality which has finer cotton. All my AA T's are falling to pieces after gently washing them so they turn more expensive. Help, ideas please
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Soft. Clean. Fit.
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I like James Perse and Velvet when I can find them on sale. They are very soft, cut pretty well, and don't have nay logos on them.
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Adam+Eve tees are nice. Of course you could go for some Zimmerlis or the ones they make for Marc Jacobs. I used to really like Jil Sander T's, don't know how they are now. Giorgio Armani put out some nice tees, too.
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Thanks, I didn't know Zimmerli made for MJ, that means they must be even more than they are already!
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Zimmerli only make the undershirts, not the regular tees. Still, the standard white/blue shirts can be worn on the outside.
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Personal Tee Faves/Suggestions

Helmut Lang V-Neck's: if you can find them. Century 21 in NYC had them all the time for $20-$30.

Barneys Co-Op: Some will find them a little boxy, but that's my thing. Ring spun jersey has a super nice hand.

American Apparel 40 singles: I've had these made in a better fit for the line I'm launching for Holiday, after a reactive dye with enzyme and silicone softener they are incredible.

American Apparel "The Track Shirt" 50% co, 25% rayon, 25% po. Good price, sloppy fit in a 80's with tight jeans and Hi-Tops cool way.

Old Navy: White V-Necks. Underated. I've been wearing these with my Acne Max Cash and Cheap Mondays. The hem's all stained with Indigo..perfect!

James Perse: It took me a while to get used to the wide body with the fitted sleeves, you spread your arms and it feels like your wearing a cape. I like the super narrow collar rib.
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We carry a line of t-shirts made in Italy called 46 West. They are not a large American fit but not skin tight either. They are very soft and last a long time if cared for correctly. I have been selling this brand of t-shirt for years and they have a loyal following. At the moment I have white, charcoal, black and sage. There are other colors available. These t-shirts are $ 40.00. PM me if your interested.

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would love to get myhands on dior homme t-shirts with better graphics/prints.
their XS fits like a dream. They seem to have some super soft and some harder (heavier ones) bust they feel great. Another great T - is the Armani Exchange plain T's - soft pima cotton. Not american big, just right. sleeves are right (above midway of the arm), the lenghth is right on hips, you get the drift.

Curious about 46 west now.

most stretwear brands dont use good fabrics, t-shirts will cost upwards of 70-100 (rogan) dollars if they did - still would gladly pay the price if the fit right.
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Obedient Sons has some really durable but soft tees. Fitted but not skin tight. APC tees are a littel boxier, but generally well made. Jay uses an amazingly soft 50/50's tee, incredbly durable too (I usually go through tees like water
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I just ordered a size small 46 west tee that should be here in a few days. I also have new shirts from James Perse, adam+eve, and AA arriving today. I'll post some photos and reviews once I've had a chance to check them all out.
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Dior are good but I wish they would do them in clean colourways, no prints. But would you go finer or slightly heavier?
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2 seasons back dior tdid these amazing fine t-shirts, even the prints were good (walkman, headphones, ipod,etcc) , then last season the went heavy - similar cut but bad fabric - horrible, coarse - now this season the fine t-shirts back, slightly longer than SS05 - fine nonetheless. I would keep it this way - but minus the awful prints from this season (I Like the The Jam - but to wear their lyrics completely out of context feels a bit weird to me)
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ralph lauren purple label t-shirts?

They're really nice...but they're cut more to be luxury undershirts, really long
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Originally Posted by dare-
ralph lauren purple label t-shirts?

They're really nice...but they're cut more to be luxury undershirts, really long

Saw one at Syms today in a size small. It was HUGE!
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