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Fall '06 Allen-Edmonds Mora Double-Monk

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There's a post over at Ask Andy's about it, but I wanted to hear some of your opinions about the shoe. I'm awfully tempted by it...

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I think it's one of the better looking shoes I've seen from AE lately.
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Its not bad i'm just not a fan of the captoe. But still a good looking shoe.
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It's beautiful and I love it and it shall be mine. But you already knew that.
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Wow. I think that's one of the best AE shoes I've ever seen.
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Succumb to temptation. I would.
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Why does AE use a 360 degree welt on all of their shoes. It makes them look really inelegant.
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In my opinion, this shoe is an improvement over many A-E designs of recent years, having a more graceful toe line than is often seen on A-E. Still, it is clunky in comparison with the British double-monks: the EG Westminster, JLobb William, or C&J Seymour. There are two main (and several lesser) reasons for this: (1) the line of the vamp is somewhat bloated, not having enough concavity in its sweep, and (2) the 360 degree welt forces the sole/heel line to somewhat overwhelm the shoe. I've come to the conclusion that A-E isn't interested in making a really elegant shoe, and also that many shoe buyers don't want elegance in a shoe, instead preferring a beefier example. For me this is fine in regular-wear work or casual shoes, but not in dress shoes, and, as a result, I currently own 8 pairs of A-E shoes, none of which, however, I wear for dressier occasions like parties, dressy outings, or fancy events like the opera. In addition, for me, the best-looking monkshoes are those with a plain toe and long tapered vamp, like the EG Troon or Oundle, the JLobb Jermyn II, and the C&J Savile, and I definitely prefer single- over double-monks. Still, I think that this new A-E will garner some interest.
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That is one sharp shoe!
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I'd probably buy it if I could get it at a discount. Not bad.
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