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Another edward green question..

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for the shoe experts of the forum... I'm thinking about getting a pair of E greens next month. Considering the Fawsley, in burnt pine brown (hoping this will be the perfect 'town brown' to go well with grey and navy suits). Just how much am i going to pay? what can i expect on the fit (I wear a 10D american).? Where do you recommend I order from, here in the USA?
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I also wear a US 10 D, and the EG size that's best for me is a 9.5 E. Based on the discussion from a couple of weeks ago, it's evident that there is wide variation in EG prices, but I would imagine that your cost is probably going to be between $800 and $900 unless you can find someone with the particular shoe that you want. I'm currently on my third EG special order. My first was with Maus & Hoffman in Florida. The shoes turned out fine, but I wasn't overjoyed with M&H's pricing or the salesman that I dealt with. My second order was through George Bass in New Orleans. Mr. Bass was a pleasure to work with, but the shoes took 9 months. I'm doing my third order through the EG shop in London in the hopes that I'll be able to reduce that time significantly. Here's the list of US retailers that EG provided me with (unfortunately, without phone numbers): George Bass, New Orleans Saks Fifth Avenue, New York and San Francisco Oxxford Clothes, New York Jay Kos, New York Cuffs, Chargrin Falls, Ohio Maus & Hoffman, Ft. Lauderdale S. Maloufs, Burlingame, California Mitchells of Westport, Westport, Connecticut Polo Ralph Lauren, New York Richards of Greenwich, Greenwich, Connecticut I know that the Oxxford store has discontinued carrying EG. Jay Kos's pricing has been roundly condemned. Others on this forum have had good experiences with either Mitchells or Richards or both.
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I was in Saks (NY) today - prices ranged from $695 - $795 + tax.
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I was in Saks (NY) today - prices ranged from $695 - $795 + tax.
Did you find a good selection?  I'm interested in picking up a pair of the dark oak antique Berkeley/202 last.
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They had a decent selection - I'd say approx 12 different models - the berkeley was available in dark oak ($695 or $725 - I think).
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They had a decent selection - I'd say approx 12 different models - the berkeley was available in dark oak ($695 or $725 - I think).
Excellent.. Have to get there on Monday. Thanks for the info.
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FYI, the Berkeley seem to fit a bit narrow than some of the other EGs that I've tried on... (compared to the Malverns and some other derby's I've audtioned at Kos).
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Berkeley seem to fit a bit narrow
Is it possible the samples of "Berkeley" and "Malvern" you tried on, were made on different lasts? Essentially "Berkeley" and "Malvern" are the same shoes: Balmorals (English: Oxford). Details in the decoration vary, but the essential, the proportion and relationship between vamp and quarters is identical. Edward Green has a number of different lasts. Although the differences between these lasts are subtle and nowhere as dramatic as between Alden's "Aberdeen" and "Barry" lasts, none the less, a particular last might fit your foot better than another one.
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Cuff's in Chagrin Falls, Ohio had a decent selection of EG shoes several months ago when I visited. I believe they stock EGs only in the E width and will order wider or narrower widths for a relatively small price markup. However, the salesman indicated that waiting times have been several months minimum. The prices for in-stock EGs were about $695-795.
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well, I own both the berkeley and malvern in an 7.5D 202 last. I purchased the malvern from oxxford and the berkeley are directly from EG. For some reason, the berkeley fits a bit narrow through the waist. Psychological thing? I dunno
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The Foxx, I'm new to the Forum, but thought perhaps I could jump in here for just a minute. Regarding the EG shoes, an option could be to speak with the shoe manager at Malouf's in Lubbock, Texas. 1-800-658-9500. Although their selection is limited, they could at least be another option regarding the timeframe it takes them to get the shoes in. I've had nothing but the best service there.
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In my own experience with Edward Green: FIT - narrower than any brand I own. That includes Allen Edmonds, Alden, Jobb, Crockett & Jones. I wear a C width in all of the aforementioned brands, but wear a D width in EG. Another observation regarding fit is that there is not much height on the inside the shoe in my EG's. I hope that isnt too confusing, I guess what I mean to say is that there isnt not alot of internal space, where my foot is. My feet swim in all the space of an Allen Edmonds, but are held tight by the slimness and lack of space of EG. Not an uncomfortable feeling, just different from AE, etc. PRICE- anywhere from $595-$1250, depending on the store. ORDER TIME - since so few models are stocked at stores, you can always order a pair from either Green in London or a local store that carries them. Ive done both and havent seen any appreciable difference in order completion. Anywhere from 12-18 weeks. hope that helps.
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