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I don't really like it. Not worth Ferrari money either.
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Nice pics. The car is not looking good though. I am sure it will be an interesting car, but I would only want one if was still 20.
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holy shit thats one ugly car
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It's a definately a waste of $400k but those pictures of it in matte black are pretty badass.
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looks like a videogame car
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Buy this car if you want to lose a quarter of a million dollars quick.
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Very impressive car from a technical/performance angle. Looks are meh, price is bonkers, Toyota apparently won't make any money from the sale of these cars even at the ridiculous prices. That interior is pretty awesome.

Top Gear recently had the LFA. Fastest wet lap ever on the show. Likely would have done VERY well in the dry.
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I think the bashing here is really unwarranted and is mostly due to the perceived lack of pedigree. But I have to commend Lexus for building what really seems to be a serious high-end performance car. That said, for $170k, it wouldn't nearly be my top choice...but if I had all the money in the world, I'd definitely want one because of the performance and the rareness of it. As far as stupidly expensive high-end Japanese sports cars go, I'd rather have the Infiniti Essence...that thing is gorgeous.
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