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Originally Posted by Churchill W View Post

Does it match any of the other buttons on your jacket. Maybe it's just an extra.

Yeah, I guess that's what it is.  The fact that it was centrally located on the pocket was what threw me, but I guess they just did it to have it look better than being sewn onto the tag or the bottom inside of the placket.

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Nothing but an extra button to sew in place of any you might lose on front. Including spare buttons like this on the inside of a garment used to be a fairly common practice with men's jackets & trousers.
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Originally Posted by trvlr472 View Post

Filson Original Briefcase.  I can't remember exactly when I bought it but I know it's at least 10 years old.  I've carried everywhere I've gone all over the country and whenever I have time off.  I never go anywhere without it.  It's held up well.  I have one of their field bags that is almost as old and it has held up just as well. 

It has traveled constantly as well.  Not the best pics but that's all I had time for right now.

Bag looks fantastic, unique patina. Have you re-waxed it? If so, curious about the process.
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Yes, I re-waxed it a few years ago. I just brushed it off, took it and washed it/scrubbed it in the bathtub inside and out. Let it dry out and then spent quite a while rubbing Filson wax back into it.

Since then I looked up online how to make my own parrafin/beeswax mix online and keep it stored in a slow cooker.

I've used that since to re-wax my Filson raincoat and me extra large Filson roll around duffle.

It's touchy using home made and brush but at $50.00 for probably a life's supply instead of $10.00 for a small tin of Filson's it's worth it.

It's much easier on the fingers as well.

When you start re-waxing jackets and large pieces of luggage you need a brush. Fingers just don't cut it.
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Is $180 for the Filson navy briefcase bag pretty reasonable?

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Very reasonable ... who's offering it for that price?
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Gilt with 30% off
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