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Originally Posted by noVA99 View Post
thanks....well for additional uses, I would want to wear it as a hunting jacket(for going through heavy brush and prickly bushes), for doing chores around the farm, would the cruiser still be my best bet or would the packer or logger be better?

The Cruiser is probably your all around best choice. The Logger has the cape but no pockets to speak of. It's a no nonsense keep the elements off you won't get snagged coat which is exactly what loggers want and need. The Packer is sort of a longer version of the Cruiser with the cape added for extra protection. It's bomb proof and you can zip in liners(a big plus IMO). It's stiff as a board when new but after a few years of hard use it'll loosen up a bit. It is my go to choice when the weather really gets obnoxious or I plan on cruising through natures finest barbed wire all day. It'll keep you warm and dry until it gets so cold you really need real deal arctic gear.
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Originally Posted by wannabeagiant View Post
Are the inside end pockets in the 220 small duffle zippered?

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Just ordered the small duffel bag for $172 shipped to my door.
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Funny, I just slipped on my tin cruiser:

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damn that thing looks like it could repel a knife stabbing. nice

Originally Posted by heprof View Post
Funny, I just slipped on my tin cruiser:

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I bought a pair of the single tin pants and had my local dealer do a double stitch on the hem.

Currently I'm hunting on 70 acres of land filled with thorn bushes, small trees, and regular weeds and grass. Temps are in the high 40s to mid 50s. These tin pants are abrasion resistant however they are about the same level of resistant as my Carhartt dungaree workpants. There were some thorns that did stick me, some lightly, and one patch that stuck me pretty good of the thorns. The wax cotton on my Barbour Beaufort outguns either of the other fabrics, with no feeling of being stucked by thorn bushes.

I wore no second layer (long johns) underneath these pants and they felt fine next to my skin. I would say though in the chilly temps, these pants can feel a little "cold", mostly in the thigh area so if you were to spend a good deal of time outdoors with these in chilly temps, maybe wear compressed cycling shorts that go down to your knees...

These pants have a taper leg, they should really be boot cut to allow for an easier drape over workboots but since I'm using these as work pants and hunting pants and not for going out on the town, it does not really bother me. They fit true to size (I'm a 34 waist and 34" size fits fine on me).
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looks sweet!! Is that a regular length or xtra long? Does it fit true to size? Did you also look at the Double Logger? I'm leaning towards the Cruisuer just because I don't like the cape on the back of the jacket bunching up on me...
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My is a regular length size 40, which is my jacket size. I considered going down a size since it is pretty bulky but the sleeves would've been too short. I've had this for about 4 years and it has a lot of character--been re-waxed/oiled twice. Wore it last month in the rain with no problem. I did not consider the double logger. The cruiser has double layers of materials in key spots, so is both quite durable and warmer than other jackets without lining. However, I would not wear it below 30 degrees without a heavy sweater underneath but is fine with a t-shirt at 60 degrees for me.
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Originally Posted by noVA99 View Post
I'm debating whether to get the Double Logger or the Tin Cruiser.

I have the tin cruiser and I like it alot. It comes super-stiff..makes APCs feel loose. I try to wear the cruiser as much as I can to break it in. I imagine it will take years. Compared to a barbour which can feel somewhat stiff, it can stand upright practically by itself.
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I just called Filson and couldn't get a quote for how much it would cost to shorten the shoulder strap on my pullman since Filson has stopped their custom orders until the holiday season is over. The girl said that they don't shorten the strap, but instead make a brand new shorter strap. She said I could call back in February when they resume their custom order service. Has anyone had their shoulder strap shortened by Filson? About how much was it and how long did it take?
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you can just bring it into any shoe repair place and they can just punch holes in for you for like under 5 bucks. no need to send it in and get a whole new strap done
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Anyone tried getting a strap added to their tote bag? Would this be something the custom order service could do?
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They could probably do it.. They should make a tote with shorter handles and a strap.
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Thanks for the response. I'll give them a try after Christmas.
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