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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Crane's Country Store, which is an affiliate, may have it:

Not everything is online.  You need to call them, mention the referral from Styleforum, and ask.

I'd second Crane's, have quite a few things from them. Of note, they may not have it in stock and Filson has to send it to them first. Having said that, as far as I know, no one beats their prices. Just gotta call. They are true blue friendly.
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Originally Posted by muzach View Post

The SF (Seattle Fit) stuff is so confusing, since there's identical products with the Seattle Fit and the normal (Alaskan Fit, I think they call it), but nowhere on the garment does it say which one you're looking at. That stuff is so new that there isn't much of that line yet at the outlet, but there's always something great there. I didn't get anything this time (it was more of a a Christmas research visit for my wife), but last time I got two $400+ coats for $99 each (both size S). As for the for the prototype, I don't remember much about it other than it was a green coat; I was looking at lots of stuff. One disappointing thing I encountered worth noting is one of the thinner new coats had a really flimsy plastic zipper, a far cry from the usual heavy zippers Filson uses. Hopefully they'll abandon that direction.


Seattle fit items have a red hang loop on the collar. 

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Is Crane's also the best place to pick up a medium duffel? I'd really like the blue one but olive would be ok.
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For sure, Crane's is extremely helpful. They are liable to have that in stock but again if they don't, they'll get it for you. No one beats their prices near as I can tell. The trade off is you might have to wait a little bit to get it if Filson has to send it to them first. A strange concept in this day and age of faster fastest but I for one appreciate Crane's customer service and ethos. You are supporting folks that have been doing what they've been doing before everyone 'discovered' Filson and keep with it. Dave is hilarious as well.
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I am hard pressed to decide whether I should get the Filson Mackinaw seattle fit in the Red/Black plaid (certainly the more traditional wool coat) or the charcoal (probably more versatile, blends more into an urban environment). Opinions?
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I would say it depends on when and where you expect to wear it the most. Are you walking around an urban/suburban area primarily or will this be used out at the cabin or hiking? Although it goes against the coat I have for sale, I would suspect that the Charcoal is your better bet.

Maybe it's just me but I feel mildly self-conscious wearing my other red/black plaid (vintage Filson) in the city. For instance yesterday I took a long walk in the woods to go bird watching out on mudflats and forests and farm fields. Given that it was muddy I even had 10" rubber boots on and thank goodness. The red/black kept me from probably being shot and that's why you wear it. But on my way home I stopped by the local coffee shop and the record store down the street and thought, boy, I maybe look like I'm trying too hard (well, to be honest, a little). Hipster appropriation and all that.

So, most bets, I'd say Charcoal. You can wear it with most anything.
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Why get that, when you can get 

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Originally Posted by jakeypotato View Post

Why get that, when you can get 

Because it's not "heritage" enough. Thinking about it now I'm sure that Bianchi could cash in a bit by making a 10 speed steel frame to capture more of that "heritage" feel.
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Originally Posted by jakeypotato View Post

Why get that, when you can get 

Not sure if you're joking or serious...

That's like telling someone who wants a pair of hiking boots to buy some wingtips instead. Or who wants a 4x4 that can handle snow and mud to buy a Mustang. Or insert other similar metaphor.

A carbon road bike is a fine, fine thing. I have one, and have had a number of them over years of racing and riding. But it's not a very good multipurpose machine. You can't carry groceries. You almost certainly can't (easily) ride it in normal shoes. You wont' want to lock it up, and if you do you'll worry about some idiot knocking it over.

While the Filson/Shinola comes at a premium, it's also just another example of a very practical bike for a city dweller who wants a bike that fits their lifestyle. If you really love riding, you eventually realize you probably need more than one bike. We love clothes. We have different shoes and jackets for different needs. Bikes are no different.

Different horse for different courses.
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Thought i'd share a shot of my 3 yr old (first run) Levis x Filson trucker jacket.

It's not worn daily, maybe 2 times a week between October and the end of March.

This is one of those items that i'll keep until it's so worn out that i can see through it.

I also own the "Hunter Trucker". I ordered the hunter in the same size as this jacket assuming it would fit the same. I was wrong. To account of the "game pouch" in the hunter Filson had to make the shell of the jacket a little larger, Almost a full size larger if you ask me. For that reason it gets less wear than this jacket. confused.gif
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Hey, thanks for the kind words. Yes we do things a bit differently but after a hundred and fifteen years of being in business we must be doing something right. Here's a deal for you guys. We have two of those 900 buck 252 leather field satchels/thin briefcases in stock. You want a deal? I'm knocking almost 200 bucks off the price. you can get one for 699.95. I have some 256 and 257s in stock too including navy. As usual, the routine remains the same. Call the store at 573-254-3311. Don't forget we have Wolverine 1K boots too. As a side note to that. I have some of those 1K messengers laying around. They are very Filsonish. so much so we think they made them for Wolverine. Those go normally for 400 bucks. I'm sick of them taking up my backroom shelf space. You can get one of those for 300 bucks. Tan or olive, your choice.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Messenger Bag and Boot Care Kit by DYSong Photography, on Flickr

Wolverine 1000 Mile Messenger Bag and Boot Care Kit by DYSong Photography, on Flickr
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Hey BC ... have the sleeves of your FxL trucker shrunk? I recall reading that the first run was characterized by fitting a size or two smaller than tagged ... but I read nothing about the sleeves.

My 18-month old FxL Trucker fits true to size and the sleeves are a good 3-4" longer than the body. I'm assuming that my jacket is from a subsequent run.
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What in the holy hell is Filson doing? The seats are insane. I can see this as a one-off art piece for a touring trunk show but this is Filson jumping the shark.
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not that I don't think companies deserve credit for their work, but I'm finding the Filson name stamped everywhere possible sort of obnoxious. The design including colors, materials, and construction really speak for themselves. No need to put ugly logos/name everywhere.
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