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Originally Posted by sbbbjm View Post
THAT is what i would look like if i got a haircut from a barber . . . . . not everyone's texture is suitable to just hacking it with an electric razor and running a thinning shear through the top to create 'texture' -
Thanks. I'll try my local barber tomorrow.
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Barbershops mostly employ men, which usually makes for better conversation. Men, regardless of quality, are usually a lot more consistent in their work than women are. Men are also much more thankful when they receive their tip. They see it much more as something earned than an entitlement.
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I think barbers and salons can both be good, and the skill of the person cutting your hair matters more than where it is getting cut. In general, if you keep a short "conservative" haircut, a barber should do well, and cost less so that you can get it cut more frequently. However, if you have a longer or more elaborate 'do salons tend to be more well versed in "fashion" styles.
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for context, i'm 18:

my mom used to bring me to supercuts, up until i was about 15 or 16. then i started going alone, but it was still shitty supercuts. i searched long and hard but i finally have a good situation: i found a girl at a local salon who's friendly, provides good chit-chat, gives me a good shampoo, and gives me a nice clean cut for $25 shipped.

i'd prefer a barber, though. i don't want to fuck up my current situation though and get a bad haircut.
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Originally Posted by bradsmitty View Post
My thought is that the older crowd, who is just looking for a short, clean, basic haircut is probably best just going to a barbershop. However, someone that is younger and wants either a fashionable or longer hairstyle should probably go to a salon if they can afford it. Also, hair stylists that work at salons tend to know more about what haircut will look best on a particular head shape.

exactly my thoughts. Thanks for saving me the trouble of writing all that out!
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Can barbers do longer hairstyles? I like to keep my bangs and the top fairly long. I'd like to try a barbershop, but don't want to end up with a buzz cut.
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Originally Posted by everybodynobody View Post
Can barbers do longer hairstyles? I like to keep my bangs and the top fairly long. I'd like to try a barbershop, but don't want to end up with a buzz cut.

thats the problem I have with barbers or cheap salons. If my hair is cut too short on top it loses all the curl and looks bad. Nobody understands this except a stylist. The barbers must think if they don't cut a lot of hair off they aren't doing thier job. I think thier job is to make ones hair look good and not just to leave a pile of hair on the floor.
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I've been going to a barbershop for a couple years now. $11 for a cut. I don't go as often as I should, and they still remember the style that I like. They finish everything off with a straight razor. I remember my first cut was my first experience with one. I was a little worried, because I didn't know how steady the guys hand was, especially when he went around the ears. Now its my favorate part. The best part is that even with a 25%+ tip, I'm still out the door for the same (probably cheaper now) amount of money as going to a chain cuttery.
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if i wanted razoring i would go to a salon, but i'm over that now, just going classic hairstyle wouldn't pay someone in a salon to cut my hair when i could get the same thing done at the barber half the price by a guy who remember when a pompadour was the thing to have, plus they have better conversations than some chick at a salon gabbing on about herself blah blah blah like i care what she and her elitist stylist have to say. Barbershops seem more genuine. And the straight razor shave is like nothing else.
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Barbershops for me.. Used to go to salons when I still had long hair, but with my current short hairdo, barbershop is better. I like the atmosphere as well, heh.
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My girlfriend is a stylist at the local high end salon... So she has been cutting my hair for a while... But I'm actually considering going back to my barber (behind her back!) Nothing beats a full shave, haircut, and conversation with a quality, old Italian barber.
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I was averse to going to a barber for many years, until I found a great barber in my city. I've learned over the years by going to all kinds of hair places (from high-end salons to supercuts) that it's best to have a man cut your hair. They just know men's hair much better than women. I've had around a dozen different women cut my hair and I've never been really happy with any of them. For the men, I've been to about 6 or so, and only one was bad. As much as I like having a hot girl do my hair, I'd rather look good for the next month with a good haircut from a guy.

If you're in Philly, Groom at Broad and Locust is the best! As for Joe.
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I like the idea of barbershops, and I enjoy the hot shave on the back of the neck at the end of the cut. But for some reason, whenever I go to barbershops, I end up with a careless 80-year-old cutting my hair. You'd think with all their years of experience, the old guys would do a great job, but they've usually hacked up my hair incredibly sloppily, even though it's a short and simple cut. I've had better luck with cheap (~$20) "salons."
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If you want to pay extra for the haircut, and then take the stylist out for a nice dinner only to learn that she's a lesbian, salon is the way to go. Right GQGeek?
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