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In the summer I accompanied a friend who went to the place here where Enzo used to go, on Cso Canalgrande. All the trad places in the centre look great: spotless, professional, atmospheric.
I love the set up in such places; the chairs, the decor (often from the 50s), the lotions, the white aprons worn by the 3rd or 4th gen barbers.
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Originally Posted by Cavalier View Post
I cut my own hair, purchased an Oster 76--- the best clippers out, and shave my head at #000 every week or two.

I have gone to both a salon and barbershop before.

Salons generally scissor cut hair, but as far as them being super smart and savy regarding what will look good-- I think that's BS. What you're paying for is the atmosphere and eye candy-- if you're not in the business of taking stylists then I think it's probably a waste of $$. Unless of course you have large amounts of disposable paper and are happy just looking..

Barbers are just as good at cutting hair, but I don't know if I'd trust any random barber to do scissor cuts IMO.

With all respect, if you shave your head with a 000 clipper, you don't have a hairstyle. And that goes for anyone that uses a trimmer on their head, i.e., 0 on the sides 2 on the top. etc.

I have been to plenty of both where the people didn't really know what they were doing. The last place I went to "cut my hair shorter" rather than "styled my hair". There is a difference and if you don't care then you would be better off at a barber.

New place tonight. Manicure first though and I don't think barbers offer those.
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sit down, tell them your number, get a haircut, pay, leave.

barbers don't try to sell you expensive product they just cut your hair.

20 bucks and i'm done.

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I now cut or shall I say clip my hair but back when I was still getting my hair cut it was at a barbershop.

Started when I was in the military and I got used to the barber doing the neck and around the ears with a razor. Only barbers do that I never found a stylist that could use a razor.
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If I am after a close cut (traveling, busy, etc) I will head to a barbershop if I am in a place where I have a recommendation. If I am after a longer cut or 'styled' trim I'll head to a salon on occasion.
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I have recently gone over from salons to barber shops, and have found that the barbershops are actually better at giving me a cut that suits my head than the stylists. It's cheaper, too. I would imagine that salons are noticeably more skillful only when they are noticeably more expensive.
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Originally Posted by Cashmoney View Post
I only go to barbershops.

I tell him my number -- I usually get a one or a one-and-a-half -- and read for the five minutes he needs to do his work. I go the House barbershop in the basement of the Rayburn House office building. He charges $14. I give him a $20 and I'm on my way.

No muss no fuss. And no attitude and no bullshit.

do you work in the rayburn building? when i'm in town i'm there fairly often because my father works there.
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Originally Posted by topik View Post
do you work in the rayburn building? when i'm in town i'm there fairly often because my father works there.

No. Just easier to get to during the day than barbershops in McLean or Chevy Chase.
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It depends really, I used to get a 2 on the sides and a 3 on the top. At a barbershop they would spend about a half hour making it look absolutely perfect. First a razor, then a trimmer, and then a single blade to even out and shape up my entire head. At a salon, it was basically just shaving hair and thats it. Now I have something similar to a faux hawk, and the barbershops around here (Black/spanish, or old men) really aren't too good at it. And after 2 or 3 cuts, the salons are better for this particular style for me atleast
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It seems the majority of you who go to barbers are just getting your hair clippered with guards. This is a relatively simple procedure, it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Hence why some of you are even saying that you cut your own hair. Not implying this looks bad AT ALL, it's actually the best look for some men.

If you have let's ay 1+ inch hair and get texturized cuts, etc...I've NEVER known a barber to be very good at this. Barbers are for simple, military like haircuts. You want some type of 'pizazz' then this is where a good salon excels. I believe some of you guys are jumping the gun saying salons are just overpriced. I find that statement absurd as if you want a fashionable, accentuating haircut it is imperative you find a good stylist.

Just my two cents, don't take it the wrong way as like I stated, sometimes a trimmer cut is a good look.
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Would I go to a barbershop or salon to get my haircut like that?
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If you're paying $20 for a barber cut, you're paying too much. I pay $30 CAD and I get a wash and head massage, and 30 minutes of a woman playing with my hair. I look forward to getting haircuts. The only thing I have to put up with is her inane banter, but she's got a nice rack. She also makes my hair look good for the rest of the day when I leave.
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Now that I don't shave/clip my own hair I go to a salon. Where I live (huge military area)barber shops are some old dude with clippers. It costs me $35 at a salon +$10 tip. She does a great job and is smokin' hot.

Last time she was booked so I went to a Super Cuts (its like a $12 McBarber)and told them how to cut my hair based on how my stylist does it. The girl failed. She cut it too short, and clipped my sideburns at an angle so I looked like an extra from Star Trek Voyager. Never again.
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Salons-no, barbershops-yes! Been through the salon bit--go into the dressing room and change
into a smock, then the shampoo girl does her thing, then the cutter, who spends more time
blow drying you than she did cutting, then back to the dressing room to change out of the smock; and for the experience and mediocre cut, 40 to 60 bucks--yikes!
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Originally Posted by TyCooN View Post

Would I go to a barbershop or salon to get my haircut like that?

THAT is what i would look like if i got a haircut from a barber . . . . . not everyone's texture is suitable to just hacking it with an electric razor and running a thinning shear through the top to create 'texture' -

i actually have a pretty normal barber-ish looking haircut, kind of vintage - pretty long on top and cropped very neatly on the sides so sometimes i can rock a sweep bang, but most of the time i slick it back in a pomp. for my hair to look like that i need a stylist to hack away with straight razors and take out bulk on the top etc then be able to blend the really close cropped sides in a way that there isn't a obvious 'ledge' - yet to have a barber do it as seamlessly, and believe you me i've tried - have been to several different people at our hip chain of old school barbers here in austin (

with that being said if you're the guy that can get by with a barber cut and it looks good, congrats. i'm not that guy.

i will say though, i've had super duper short fades done by stylists and barbers, and the barber did a way better job and it grew out perfectly. there is totally an art to barbering - it just doesn't work well for the style i want to rock now.
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