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Wonderful! I've got a couple of vintage Borsalinos that are among my favorites. Wear it in good health.
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My fedora is a Borsalino roll hat in a darker grey. The band has a tinge of navy.
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Originally Posted by Ute

It's a Borsalino and would you believe it, it's over 70 years old!

while your wife is correct that it is a nice looking hat, I have reason to suppect it may not be 70 years old at all. The ribbon appears to be of that vintage in yard dyed goods and the felt may or may not pass muster of the quality of a 70 year old Borso. What does not appear to be time accurate is the edge of the brim appears to be a redone Cav edge that is now top stitched. Not sure where if anywhere that puts this hat in age range and will have to take your judgement calls on what its all about.

I have only to assume that you do not own the hat or have physical possession of it from what scant informations you have given.

While you did not ask for the Spanish or the Hillbilly inquesition here and only what was thought of the hat however, I think its swell and I love the wind cord.
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