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Pastel dress shirts in winter

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I recently bought a very nice pastel dress shirt. It has a pinkish and purplish checkered pattern. Do you guys find it acceptable to wear these kinds of colors in the winter? Please Advise. Thanks
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I'm driven more by weight than color in choosing shirts for winter, although, in LA, even that isn't much of an issue. I'd steer clear of the tropical prints, but I see nothing wrong with pastel checks.
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Scnupe: IMO as you're in NC, where it can be somewhat temperate during the winter, it's really your call. I'd base it on how you feel on a given day, the weather, and, as PS stated, the weight of the shirt. The color alone might have made you feel warmer during the recent ice storm... Sounds like a great shirt. And I know we all like to wear something new without having to wait for spring.
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I agree with the two posters above. I see no reason not to wear any color in winter time (apart from the whole white pants thing, and even that objection seems a bit fussy). Weight, I agree, is the determining factor, driven more by practicality than style, per se. Are we to wear only drab colors in the winter? It seems to me that the winter is exactly when we need to be wearing colorful clothing (as evidenced by my lavender shirt with yellow pinstripes I'm currently wearing). We can't rely on the flowers and trees, we have to rely on Scunpe's shirts. Wear it well, I say.
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