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There's been one in SF forever...
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Originally Posted by walds11 View Post

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I have the black CXL Mitchell money clip. It holds quite a few cards and i don't find it terribly thick.

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You mind throwing up some photos? I'd like to see how thick it is loaded up. How thick loaded up?

I wonder which one will carry and wear the thinnest, CXL or Dublin?




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Mine's packed full of crap. Credit cards, license, and other random stuff

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^ Thanks for the pics. It looks quite thick, but compact. Packed full is right! I only carry five cards and a small amount of cash. The stacking of cards in the multiple slots is what makes these types of wallets thick when loaded. Using the top slot for cards and nothing in the bottom slots (or just thin cards with no raised letters/numbers) would make this wallet fairly thin when loaded.
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I should add too that i never carry cash, even though this wallet was designed specifically for that purpose. You have to be careful though when taking cash out of the clip. I once ripped a bill in half because it got stuck

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Originally Posted by walds11 View Post

This looks very nice, but is it really slim as stated? It appears quite thick in the photos.

That's interesting because I thought it looked thin in the photos! I mean, it is a single piece of shell cordovan leather on the bottom, with another single piece on the left and right stitched onto the bottom to hold the cards. It doesn't get any more simple than that. I suppose they could have used a thinner piece of leather but that would have compromised the durability and quality IMO. I think they got it just right and it feels like it will last for several years. What matters most I think is how much you try to stuff inside of it. To help, here are some pics I took of it fully loaded. You can see it is quite compact, and relatively thin overall.

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Looking at getting a new card case and want to keep it simple and preferably inexpensive. Ive been eyeing this card case on the saks 5th ave website:

its made for the saks collection by a different brand. im assuming the quality should be decent but curious to know if anyone has any experience with these?

added a screen shot of the page for you lazy mofos:

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I've been using this card holder from Apolis for a few months now:


It's super simple but functional and is wearing in nicely. I love how slim it is. Not sure how I'll go back to a bifold now...

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Check out the products from Ashland. Custom made me a Bugs Moran in Horween's Essex, love it.

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You have to be an affiliate to advertise your products on here.
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I think I may have finally found the perfect wallet for me. I was in Nordstrom recently and stumbled upon this Bosca Weekend Wallet...

Same wallet on Bosca's website...

The Nordstrom reviewer hit the nail on the head on all acounts. This is nice and slim with 4-5 cards and a small amount of cash. I especially like the single gusset currency opening. Nordstrom does pricing matching and they honored Bosca's 10% off first order promo.
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What about these?



They're about 3.5 x 2.4 x .35 inches

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Hand made alligator
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How does one handmake alligator?
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By not touching the teeth!
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