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LV damier wallet.  8 years and still going strong!

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I used to use a money clip, but just ended up with too many cards and I never carry cash, so got a Goyard card holder at Barney's around Christmastime. I love it so far. We'll see if it holds up and if it's all it's cracked up to be.
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Crappy phone pic of above-referenced Goyard piece:

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What an awesome thread, and i need your help finding a wallet for me.

Basically i need room for 4-6 keys and room for a total of 10 credit cards/visa sized cards , and it has to be leather material. And of course as small as possible.

Any ideas?
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Same here. I've had it for about a year, and it looks great with some wear.
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The best choice I made was to switch to a front pocket wallet and eliminate how many cards I carry.  IMO, it really looks bad when you can see the impression outline of a wallet in someone's back pocket.  Here is the current winner for me:


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Do you work at Colliers? Desk looks very fimilar
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Does anyone else here carry a Baurdi wallet? I picked up their billfold a while back and liked it so much that I grabbed their cardholder recently as well. You can tell it's some great high-quality leather. Some pics from their website...


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