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I recently replaced my 6 year old coach bifold wallet with a distressed leather wallet/iphone case with magnetic matching phone cover. It could be a bit sturdier, but I like being able to condense, or pull the phone out seperate.

Dock Artisan photo from their site: eqy4y8u8.jpg

My actual wallet:




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just bought this wallet from their NY showroom. The perfect grey. Newish brand, called Deux Cuirs. Not sold that many places.....barneys I think but they have a site to buy and awesome stuff.

It's all calfskin and the colors they do are custom to their stuff which is cool. All vegetable tanned so they have a cool baja feeling. Minimal design and really soft. Anyone else bought anything from them?










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Originally Posted by aliass View Post


Love it. What brand is it or any other information where to buy.


here you go






They even have their own phone app.


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Bought a back Ralph Lauren at Marshall's last year.


Looking at Bosca. I like their old leather "Cognac" look and the fact that they don't display the logo on the cover:

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SECRETARIES ROCK! Quarter for scale. This is my favorite "thing" i own. it has a story of its own....and it gets told at least 2-3 times/year. when u hold know it has seen some things.

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i use lv damier. i got it used from ebay for $265 usually $450 and it was great condition then and still great condition now

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I'm a seasonal user, I use about 10 different wallets


Today Python Reticulatus, bespoke.


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securedownload.jpg 745k .jpg file giudi pelletterie


FYI any of you guys in Tampa Bay who like International Mall: visit the store Eleganza. Guy has all kinds of leather wallets and shoes and jackets. I bought a shiny black handmade-looking briefcase there and he threw in the wallet for free. Everything in the store is made in Italy.

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Originally Posted by Espi1971 View Post

giudi pelletterie

damn .. i followed that link thinking that GUIDI had released a wallet .. so disappointed frown.gif
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Hey guys! First time poster, some time lurker here..

I'm on the prowl for an new wallet, and i'm having a hard time figuring out an adequate buy.


I currently have an beaten and torn up noname calfskin tri-fold i got from my mother 9 years ago.


My preference would be an 4-9 card slot slim bi-fold with or without a coin pouch, preferably in structured/blank black leather, price point 0-350$, but preferably at around 100$+.


I have checked out some wallets/brands.


* Tommy Hilifiger, models Eton/Capestripe 90$ seems nice, unsure about the quality.

* Polo Ralph Lauren, 90$, didnt really like the "natural" leather.

* Tiger of Sweden, 90$, seems nice, unsure about the quality

* Bally, Model Bollen 190$, nice leather, got the feeling of good quality

* Hugo Boss 190$, also nice leather, feeling of qood quality, comes with a keychain which however felt like a turnoff, gave me the  feeling of cheap marketing.

* Paul Smith, 190$, seems nice but gimmicky with to much colour on the inside

* Louis Vuitton, Daimier/Monogram/Epi, 280-370$, bit douchy and i didnt feel as if the value met the cost.

* Mulberry 300-350$, Meh, nice and all, but unsure if the quality would be better than that of bally or hugo boss, and worth the premium.

* Bottega Veneta 370$, nice and all, but unsure with the intrecciato for everyday use and if i really appreciate its design, pricey, feeling of good quality.



Would really appreciate some input and guidance/experience, alternatives, since i seem to complicate everything.

Im in for long term, everyday use, so quality is important.

Right now i kind of feel as if im leaning towards the TommyHilifiger/Bally/HugoBoss.


Best regards

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Originally Posted by Bryer Leather View Post

I use one of my own! Handmade of 100% Genuine Horween in San Diego CA. 


I use the Minimalist Wallet because its so slim, fits 8 cards and has a middle compartment for cash. I get compliments on it fairly often and have yet to see something similar in the market. 


Also, its really not expensive at $50.00 and you can pick up to three initials free of charge. 

Hi, not sure if your post was aimed towards me specifically, but i checked out your shop, and albeit your very nice craftmanship, i guess my taste is a bit too conservative. Then i also live in Scandinavia, tolls and shipping are murder.


All the best!

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@Bryer Leather how many cards can fit in your minimalist card holders?
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Nothing will ever beat Comme Des Garcons for me. Smart, sexy, practical - everything you'd want in a wallet without any huge logos, which I'm personally not a fan of. 

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Thanks for checking it out, and i appreciate your kind words! I do ship internationally, so if you ever decide you need any of my pieces, simply let me know! 


Best to you as well, and a great week!

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Just found this thread, so thought I'd share mine.

My Makr wallet:

Used everyday since I bought it 3 years ago.
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