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Flat Head card wallet in black
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LV Taiga Pocket Organizer

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Gucci mini bifold. I found the normal european sized ones uncomfortable to have in my pocket.
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I should take a picture of my natural cotton AA wallet that I've had for a good 4 years.
I need a new wallet but I always go back to that cotton one just because its very slim in my pocket, unlike my red moon where it felt like i was sitting on a brick.
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Muji natural leather card holder.
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I just got this cheap fold-over card holder in the nice green color. http://www.ebags.com/royce_leather/d...?modelid=56963 It's thin enough, and has enough space for some spare cash. I also occasionally use just a sterling silver money clip that's been aging nicely since I got it for a birthday a few years ago.
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A felix Buhler wallet I received from my cousin in Taiwan.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

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Yes. I've had one of their cardholders since last spring and it's great.

Wait. You guys act like we should automatically know these. I'm not that savvy. But I like these. Whoozit?
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I have one of those Maxx and Unicorn. My only complaint is that they're kinda small and I want more slats for credit cards etc. I have the red one and I may sell it. Mine is kinda worn in and such, but I love the color.
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Bally 5 slot card case. Feels more durable than the Prada it replaces, and it has two more slots. I also love the fact that it has no overt branding on it, just a very subtle embossing on the lower corner. They make the same case in some interesting leather colors/textures, but they all have the silver logo on the corner.
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unlucky flat head repro
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Sort of a mix between card holder and billfold. I quite like it. It doesn't look too bad, and it's my favourite wallet so far:

It's about the size of a credit card, and opens up to function as a billfold, and on the two outsides there's easy access for the two most used cards

It's all held together by a metal clip:

It's not exactly quality leather, but I don't really mind. It does what it's supposed to do, and looks good enough.
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Dior black tie billfold, BrianSD bit my steez on that one. Mine is 4 years old and falling apart and I need a new wallet soon so maybe I'll cook something up myself this time around. Tired of buying $300 wallets that go bad.
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Silver card holder for Credit Cards / Drivers Licence etc Oroton money clip for notes Coins in pocket
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I hate spending money on items to hold my money, like money clips, wallets, billfolds etc. I run them into the ground as a result. I have an ancient Fossil billfold from my high school "I'm a brand whore" days. Those were dark days indeed. But the wallet is still going strong. Lol.
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