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What wallet do you use?

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Did a search, didn't come up with anything like this.....

What kind of wallets are you guys using? Brand, model?

I just sold my Gucci basic and looking to get something different...looking for suggestions.

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I have a black nylon thing I picked up at the Army post last year. Functional and unpretentious, light and slim. Cheap but rugged with couple of good pockets and an ID window.
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A Dockers leather wallet I've had since I was 14.

Has sentimental value so I continue to use it =)
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I've had my plain water buffalo Coach one for 4 years and still looks sexy as hell.
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Originally Posted by whodini View Post

Yes. I've had one of their cardholders since last spring and it's great.
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I use a ferragamo. I want a Valextra next.
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no wallet
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^ the rubber band man
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A generic wallet I bought from Target > All of your wallets
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i need a cool money clip/cardholder wallet or a very slim regular wallet.
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made out of kangaroo hide - it's razor thin, and only 15 of them were produced
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